§236 How I met my wife Part 1

October 5, 2008

You may have read it already on her blog from her point of view. Then you also know that finding a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind that day, April 23rd 2000, when we met the first time. I, on the other hand, was looking. I was really really looking for a girlfriend.

But not for her.

When I was 18 I knew for a fact I’d marry young. I don’t know how, I just knew it. It was actually simple math from three different factors:
1. I believed that God wanted good things for me.
2. I believed that one should wait with sex until after the wedding.
3. I was getting hornier by the minute. Now, where’s my wife?

At the time I lived in Ma’ale Adumim with my parents and siblings. We had lived in Israel since 1995 when we moved here from Sweden. Five years is a lot when you’re 18. I was an Israeli. My father had already worked a bunch of months in Eilat in tourism, and we had decided to move there so we could be a normal family again. The tourism future in Israel in general and Eilat specifically looked really promising in 2000…

I was in the middle of the process of changing schools. I only had one year left, but I had to change schools. It was now April, so there were still a few months left before the summer of the big move. I was also planning my first visit to Sweden since 1995. It was going to happen this summer. And there was that trip to France in August that I had won. It was now Passover break from school and we were in Eilat visiting my dad, enjoying the sun, snorkling, etc.

Then we discovered that the entire Swedish E family was there. We had bumped into them a few months ago. My mom knew the mom in that family from the 70s or something. The oldest kid was my age, the other two just a few years younger. All girls, all blondes, all pretty. I was great friends with all three of them. The oldest, “I”, was the Talker. Just like me. I could talk hours with her sometimes. There was a time they considered to move to Maale Adumim and let me live with them for a year so I could finish high school where I had started it. Never happened, they went back to Sweden that summer.


So the entire E family was there. And each one of the girls had brought a friend from Sweden. They asked me if I wanted to come snorkling with them. Go snorkling with 6 girls? Uhm… yes please! You’ll be wearing bikinis, right?

So I met these 3 girls I didn’t know from before. Well, at least they were not blondes. I really did prefer brunettes. One of them was a bit pretty, the other two not so much. One of them had a really high forehead, braces and glasses. A little cute, I guess, but not all that. If you didn’t get it yet, that one was my wife to be. She has later told me her hair was a mess that day after Dead Sea and flour cave. I didn’t notice that. But I’m a guy.

I brought my own snorkel. They all rented theirs. With fins. I had no fins. They swam a lot faster than me. Hehe. Great excuse to grab girls’ legs to “keep up”, or to drag myself forward.

When it was time to go home to Maale Adumim, the E family had 2 spare spaces in their van, so they gave me and my sister a lift. I happened to get the seat next to “I” and in front of that braces girl. Somehow we ended up talking. I don’t remember much now. I remember I said provoking things on purpose. The van was filled with people from northern Sweden and I was from southern, so I said some prejudices. I also recall I came with a few chauvinistic jokes, being the only guy in the van (except the E dad). Somehow the girl in front of me started to talk to me. I only saw her silhouette the entire ride. “I”, the well known Talker tried to say a few things, but didn’t manage to. We were talking too much. I remember that she impressed me. Most girls at my school barely knew how to touch a computer, and this girl had built a homepage using notepad! She also had the same weird humor as me. And she had had a boyfriend in the past, so she wasn’t a super conservative crazy christian either, which I was a little afraid of at first. And she was just as crazy as I was about languages.

So kept on talking and talking and talking. I was known as a talker, but talking that much 3 hours straight I’d never done before. I actually got a sore throat.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

When we stopped at the gas station to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom I took a look at her. The same braces, the same glasses. Taller than me. But didn’t she look a little cuter than she did before? Nah. She was just a good friend. No physical attraction. Which was good. I can’t be good friends with someone I am physically attracted too. I get too diverted.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

But this was definitally a friend for Life. Someone I could talk to about anything. We exchanged email addresses and ICQ numbers and kept in touch.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

To be Continued




  1. The cowgirl picture is ok. the other one is big fat delete!!
    You didn’t even ask me. 😦

  2. Oh, come on! You’re so cute there!! Pretty please?

  3. Well at least you have proven that “not cute”, “not pretty”-thing..
    It’s funny. You were looking for somebody who was good looking.. and you found me – that wasn’t.
    I have never been looking for the outside.. only for the inside. People who know which guys I had crushes on in my youth know this is totally honest. Anyway – I ended up with a good looking guy. Isn’t that strange?

  4. Stay tuned for part 2, where I discovered how beautiful you are!

  5. Oh this is just precious….

    First of all… Dude, I find it really hard to believe that YOU would be provoking some poor girl you didn’t even know or being annoying. Gee so hard for me to imagine!

    Second of all, I nearly spit my tea when you talked about being hornier by the minute – now where is my wife…lol

    You two are so funny… I just have to find a way to get my butt to Isreal. My long lost brother and sister there… this I gotta see with my own eyes. Too Funnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    And Holeycheese – You did not look fat. Geezzzz… Though girlfriend the birkenstocks have to go!

  6. The provoking was mostly for the 3 girls I knew. I was always teasing them (still am). And it was always obvious jokes, nothing provoke-provoking.

  7. what’s wrong with the birkenstocks? You know.. I walk a lot and that’s why I don’t like women’s shoes. They are too uncomfortable.

  8. I love the two different sides of the story, just awesome how things weave together. Glad you two found each other!

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