§247 Interview with Omar al-Bashir

October 15, 2008

The Darfur blog published today an interview with al-Bashir. I’m wondering if he is just lying or if he actually believes the lies. I guess it’s a little of both.


Now, my question remains. How come that when dictators like Bashir or Mugabe torture their own people for their own good, the media knows and aknowledges it. It ignores it because it’s Africa and it’s not that interesting, but they know who are the terrorists and who are the victims.

How come, that when Hamas shoot at Israeli food convoys to the Gaza strip, I hear nothing in the international media? How come international media lets Hamas starve its own people to death just to fake a humanitarian crisis that they can blame Israel for? Agreed, it’s not fake. It’s very real. But it’s again the crazy dictators with their extremist propaganda and blatant lies that are to blame.

Oh, and Condolezza Rice of course. She is the one who insisted on letting an extremist party, with the destruction of Israel on their agenda, participate in the elections. Thankyou Condie! On behalf of the Sderot residents.


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