§248 The neighbor – she’s not that bad

October 15, 2008

She came by earlier today when I was at work and complained to my wife that we let the children out and make noise in the garden at 06:15 AM. When I came home from work I went to her apartment and confronted her. Apparently it was the neighbor above her that had complained to her. Too shy to talk to us directly? Turns out he’s a very sick old man who needs to sleep on the balcony to get the fresh air, and being waked up at 06:15 makes his blood pressure too high. And she was also bothered herself that she couldn’t sleep in the morning.

When we had just moved in she talked to me about it first time, and we agreed that we wouldn’t let the children out before 07:00. From that moment everything was ok, she said. It was just this morning. I explained to her that we always eat breakfast before 07:00, and during sukkot we eat breakfast in the sukka. I told her that I can go as far as to let them out only when the breakfast is ready, which might be a little later, but still definitelly before 07:00. I can’t change their meals just because of the holidays. She was fine with that answer, as long as it is temporary for the holidays. She totally understood, she had raised children herself.

Then she told me how much happiness our kids give her when she sees them from her window, and how precious they are. She was vey thankful that we had cleaned up the garden, and how annoyed they were with the previous one who lived here. They got cockroaches in the entire building because of the filth that woman gathered around her. Piles of garbage in the garden. It took us days upon days to clean in up. Great to hear some feedback.

We also discussed the winter coming up, the need to fix the entrance door and the roof. Before I left she gave me chocolate to give the kids, so we wouldn’t think she was a child hater.

She wasn’t that bad after all.



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  2. Careful there…

    The chocolate prolly has a sleeping agent mixed into it! 🙂

  3. Så skönt att det ordnade sig!

  4. so she just had the morning grumps eek

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