§257 My sermon

October 26, 2008

I preached yesterday about the topic I decided 15 days ago:


I was the first preacher in our little congregation to use a powerpoint presentation for the sermon (I’m the young hip preacher, they’d expect that). Whenever I have time I’ll write a summary of the sermon and upload the presentation (it’s in Hebrew of course).

Or maybe I’lll start another blog… “the sermon blog” or something… We’ll see. I still do have my drafts for all the previous sermons I’ve had. Let’s see… this was my… fourth!




  1. Would like to see those. Of course I don’t understand it! I guess you have your next blog when you have a break… Translation!

  2. When and if I do that I will have it in English. No point otherwise. In any case, it looks pretty impossible at the moment.

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