§258 I like everyone in the world – except the people I don’t know

October 31, 2008

Headline of today is a quote from my four-year old.

Let’s see my RSS. 193 unread posts. 49 of them are Amber’s.

Sorry folks. Can’t get myself to skim through blogs today. I’ll just write something. I don’t really know what yet.

I survived the first normal week since the holidays. I’ve done some progress at the accounting at work (on the expense of the day to day work – gotta take care of all the unpaid bills when I get back on Sunday).

Yesterday, Thursday, was first day back in the accounting class after almost a month off. I only have those classes once a week. That was actually really fun. To be back in a class again. It does give my self confidence a boost when I see how much better I am than everyone else. I ask the questions that makes the teacher answer “you’ll learn about that later”. And I always have time to kill when people ask him to repeat things I’ve already understood, or when I’m done with the excercises much earlier than everyone else. It’s just like back in high school… I’m the best. I’m the smartest. And I’m the most modest.

When I have time to kill like that, I usually take out the litterature from my academic accounting course and read a little in that while I’m waiting…

Right, the university studies from home. The Open University. Mwaha. In all three courses I take, there are classes in jerusalem that have lessons once a week – a service that cost 300 shekels extra and I say no thank you. So I’m enlisted in classes in Tel Aviv that have lessons once every two or three weeks. I say, sure, but I’m not coming to any classes. I’ll study from the books and send things on the internet. There are teachers with phone numbers and telephone times that I can call if I have questions.

In Macroeconomy I have one paper till the 7th and one till the 14th about inflation. I’ve focused on that subject lately, and have actually finished everything there is to read about inflation. The conflicts between the classic and the Keynesian views, the Philips curve and the inflation of the 70’s, etc, etc. Next thing should be to get started working on that paper. Saturday evening will be dedicated to that.

In the price theory the books are awful. However, there are lessons once a week in videoconference. One teacher teaches in Ra’anana, and the lessons are broadcasted to classes in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, etc. He has an white electronic touch-board blackboard that is displayed directly to the students. He can also see the students in the other classrooms – it’s a videoconference.
I don’t get to any of these actual classes, but they are recorded and uploaded to the website, so I can sit at home in my underwear eating spaghetti and see the classes from home the day after. And if I have questions, the teacher with that class has phone time only a few days later. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’m not an official student of his – so if he is late with material and grants his students delays in handing in papers, that might not affect me. I sent an email to the main teacher of the course asking if there’s anything to do about it.

In the academic acounting course – it’s totally different than my regular accounting course. It’s an entirely different level. It’s three really heavy books, and they have told us that lots of it is unupdated and I must download more material from the website. They said they warmly recommend that EVERYONE go to the classes. Well, helloo…. I can’t spend 6 hours on a bus (3 hours there, 3 hours back) to get to Tel Aviv for a one hour class. But there are those classes once a week in Jerusalem that I didn’t pay for… and one of the teachers there even lives in Ma’ale Adumim. Maybe I should check with him if it’s ok if I visit his class once in a while…

BUT today is Friday and tomorrow Shabbat. Until tomorrow evening – no work, no studies. And no worries about them. Rest! Rest rest rest! Thankyou God! Shabbat is the best invention ever! EVER!

And we have a great friend visiting us today and tomorrow. Our adopted little sister.
It’s Shabat. It’s being with family. It’s the best.

Shabat Shalom.



  1. Jag skulle gärna vilja se dig hålla telefonen sådär IRL…

  2. du är så smart min son. Klart du är bäst!!!

  3. Ah.. I don’t have anything interesting to say anyway! Besides, with a hottie wife like you have.. why read blogs???? WOW!

  4. How you do it I just don’t know, am impressed… Amber lied she has lots of juice!

  5. Hey I’m gratefull you’ve taken care of her but it’ll be good having her back in December – I miss her!

  6. Ida, if you miss her, come here! This is the place to be. And we’re actually hoping she’ll find Someone so she can stay… 😉

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