December 29, 2008

This feels new. I’m blogging again. I need to get the feel back. I’m not used to this. Except for a few posts when something really needed to be said (like when I was wearing make up) I’ve been totally gone for a few months. So I’ll start with a small update about ME. Because ME is the most important issue to discuss in the world, so the update and the focus should be on ME. So let’s sum it up:

Work: Stock count, end of the year, auditing… everything every accountant does every year at this time. But for me it’s the first time. This is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. And hopefully I’ll do a few necessary mistaked that’ll help me learn for the future. I’m gonna be a super accountant! Tamtamtadaa! I just hope that SOME people around will get a LITTLE more organized. I’m preparing for stock count and someone tells me “I took out a thing from the shop. I think it was a ******. Should I write an invoice for it?” I answer GAAAAAH! First of all stop THINKING and start KNOWING what you’re taking out from the shop! How on EARTH are we supposed to do stock count when you take OUT stuff WITHOUT making an invoice and then THINK what you’re taking out instead of KNOWING! Now, I don’t care how you do it but you GO BACK IN TIME and find out EXACTLY what you took out, or you’re a CRIMINAL of TAX FRAUD! Nothing leaves a business without an invoice! NOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHING! GAAAAAH! (This is where my head starts spinning around and my eyes gets a greenish tone and start twirling around).

Studies: Totally miscalculation of me to think I can handle 3 courses. I’ve only enlisted to 2 courses next semester, and I hope to handle the current pressure and finish these three. I hope. In February we’ll know. In any case, the situation at the moment is pretty GAAAAAAH:y.

Immediate Family: It’s our ANNIVERSARY today! We’ve been married six long years! That’s as long as two military services! Or like junior high and high school together! And I still feel I love her more and more for every day, and I can never get enough of her. I just want to be with her more and more. And thinking back on the wedding… It feels like I barely knew her… and still I apparently knew her well enough to fall in love with her and marry her.  ILOVEHERILOVEHERILOVEHERILOVEHER!!!!!!!! MWAH! and ARGH (The argh is from nibbling her ear – a cannibalistic instinct)

Internet: I wrote a post before I “left” about which blogs I would keep reading in any case. I can say to that “Bwahaha”. I have almost 700 unread posts in my RSS, and there’s no WAY that I’ll read everything. The only blogs I’ve really been following are my wife’s and my brother Joseph’s.

Extended family: My sister has been visiting from Sweden. So great to see her again. My brother Jonathan performed in Sweden with his band on Christmas Day for the probably very last time. My brother Joseph has another band called “The Sudden Moves” that so far only make concerts in Sweden. I haven’t heard their stuff yet, because they need a professional studio to record their stuff. On top of that he’s working on a standup act that he will perform in April. He is very talented and funny. I hope someone discovers him soon. Whether as a music star or as a comedian.

Kids: Cute and cuddly and huggy and beautiful and wonderful as always. I rarely finish work early enough to get home before they go to bed, but I did a few times during chanuka, and when I did, the welcome I received, and the hugs and the smiles – it just takes all the work and study stress away. Mmmmm! how I love them! I know they’re the reason I work and study so hard, still I need them to help me get through it.

Health: We were one large miserable puking family on the 23rd. Actually, on the evening of the 22nd. On the 23rd we just laid around the house trying to recover. Well, except for Emunah. She got sick a few days earlier and we all caught it from her, so on the 22nd she was all healthy and up and about. The kids recovered in the end pretty good. I got back to work on the 24th. We’re pretty ok now.

Religion: As usual. But we did stay home from congregation this Shabat to let the kids have the chanuka vacation they didn’t get when they were home sick. I was supposed to preach, but I asked someone else. I’ll preach this Shabat instead.

Politics: I still plan to vote Bibbi. I have no choice.

Military: Our country just made a surprise-defense. After being attacked for very long, not defending ourselves, we made a surprise-defense yesterday. About time. International media talk about proportional warfare. I don’t really understand that. Since when is proportions something to consider in warfare? You fight the fight you have to fight with the means you have. I didn’t see the states attack Iraq with sticks and stones in order to keep proportions, and “give Saddam a fair chance”. The goal is not to keep a proportioned warfare, the goal is to WACK THE HAMAS OFF THIS PLANET.

Sexuality: Good, thanks, and how are you?

Estetically: I’m considering shaving off my beard completely.

Economy: Crappy as always.

Holidays: Hanuka, anniversary, and new counting year. The year we usually count with is changing for some reason. It has to do with a roman god called Janus. I think I wrote about that last year.


That’s all for today folks, thankyou very much, you’ve been a wonderful audience. Take care of yourselves – and each other.

And beware of the man in black.



  1. Roligt att få lite uppdatering även om vi pratat i telefon. Kram!

  2. Flyget är försenat från Turkiet men vi väntar in Annalill och Tal ungefär vid tretiden idag. Mormor och Mia kommer vid ett. Imorgon firar vi hennes födelsedag – då får hon presenten från er också.

  3. Re: your anniversary–congratulations!

  4. Kul med uppdatering!! Grått nytt hår 2009!!

    Även jag har lyckats klämma in en uppdatering, och det kommer en till.

  5. I celebrate all the good things that happened in your life – it is beautiful to read this.
    On the other hand, I do feel a bit sad reading that: “…the goal is to WACK THE HAMAS OFF THIS PLANET…” I would feel so much better and hopeful if the goal was to find a way to live in peace with people of different ethnic and religious background together. If the goal was peace, not extinction of the different. Because I guess if the goal of one party is to wack the other one off this planet, than the goal of the other party will be just about a similar one – and this can not end in anything good for people involved.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It only gets better hey? We are two lucky dudes I tell you.

    Nice to see you blogging again. Keep it cool and keep the beard!

  7. Robert, I totally agree. Since the goal of Hamas is to whack us off this planet, our goal can only be similar. Hamas is a terror organization that has terrorized its own people and the Israeli population around the Gaza area long enough. Enough is enough. The goal is not to whack the palestinians off the planet. It’s to whack Hamas off the planet. The palestinian people deserve better leaders. Our people deserve to be able to live without the threat of rockets every single day.

    I can only conclude that the disengagement was a big mistake. It only made the war come closer to home. It only gave the terrorists more weapons. If I were a decision maker we would not only invade the Gaza strip, but also rebuild the settlements.

  8. Well put Dude: the conflict is not two ethnic groups attempting to destroy one another, but rather one religiously-motivated radical racist organization attempting to destroy an ethnic group. It is useful for certain media outlets to make Hamas synonymous with the Palestinians, but that is a fallacy.

    The cowards of Hamas hiding (literally!) behind Palestinian civilians has been cited as the best reason why Israelis should not be allowed to protect themselves, and so the conflict is portrayed as the bullying Israelis bombing helpless women and children. It occurs to almost no-one that Hamas is responsible for the death of every civilian its members skulk behind. And no-one pays attention as rockets are launched at the towns of Israel from behind these same innocent women and children.

    Anyway… sorry if I’ve gone over the top….

  9. Happy Belated Anniversary Wishes…!! Hope you had a good one!

  10. “If I were a decision maker we would not only invade the Gaza strip, but also rebuild the settlements.'”

    You are close to being a decision maker.

    Join the Likud, vote internally with similar minded members, and this decision will come around earlier than later please God. see http://www.gidon.info

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