§267 The Dream – 61 years and counting

January 4, 2009

The Dream of the day we stop fight, and start to breath. That dream has been dreamt every single day for so long now.

After 61 years of defending our homeland, one can start to loose hope, like AngryAfrican has

We are still waiting for the last day of the last war. It seems further away than ever. But we will never stop dreaming. And we will never stop defending our homeland.

This seemed suitable for this day. It has subtitles in English (although some translations are questionable).

List of questionable translations:
“mob of soldiers” – rather “many soldiers” or “loads of soldiers” (as they translate later…)
“The sun in Givon dom and the moon in ayalon valley” – “dom” means “stand still” and is a quote from Joshua (when he made the sun stand still). It’s a word game since “shines red” sounds the same in Hebrew.
“Pull a relation pull a relation pull” – untranslatable, must be explained – the way one relates to the other results in the way the other relates to the one which results in the way the one relates to the other, infinitelly.
“but they say different…” – no “but” in that sentence. Just “They say…”
“stood for the country” – rather “stood up when the national anthem played”
“Our weapon broke” – rather “We’re sick of”
“when my heart stops to be quiet” – rather the opposite. “when my hearts stops to beat”
“The dove has almost lost hope” – rather “The hope for the dove is almost lost”…


And here’s the original song from 1970:


And some about what’s behind this whole situation:

Iran’s two puppets in this area (Hamas and Hizbullah) are a threat, not only to Israel but also to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Here’s some news about Iran’s relations to Egypt and Jordan. Did this reach your newspapers…?

“…threatened that the fate of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would be the same as that of the late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein … firebombs were thrown at the Jordanian representation…”


One comment

  1. Hey brother. You know I have kept quiet on this for so long. I don’t live there so I always felt as if my opinion would be a double-sided sword. I just hope and pray for you and the family and for everyone suffering. Just know that you and yours are in my thoughts.

    I just don’t know the answer to this one. I generally can see the hope – some light. But it is difficult here. I just hope there are more people like you on both sides. That would be the hope.

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