§270 Ending genocide – ask Obama to make it a priority!

January 7, 2009

I just saw this on Save Darfur’s blog. Thought I’d help get the word out:

A peace surge for Sudan is currently in 47th place in Change.org Ideas for Change in America contest. We know that millions of Americans care about the people of Darfur – we just need to hear your voices!  By January 15 we need to make sure that it is in the top 10 ideas – so we need your help getting the word out!

First, please vote for the idea by visiting the site.

Then, please e-mail your friends, tweet about it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, or link to the idea on your blog!  We appreciate the help – but even more, the people of Darfur will appreciate having peace in Sudan be a priority for the new Administration.


And of course, if you haven’t already, please Add Your Voice to our postcard campaign.



  1. Have you heard about FOCA? it’s genocide right here in our nation. Obama says he’s going to sign it.

  2. Thank you for posting this. The people of Darfur have been suffering for so long and must not be forgotten.

  3. Beetlebabee – If I have understood this correct, FOCA is some sort of abortion law going through in the US making it easier for mothers to kill their kids legally, am I right? If so I have two points I’d like to make:
    1. The difference is that according to Obama’s views, FOCA isn’t genocide. However, no human being can close his eyes to the fact that there’s a genocide going on in Darfur. In Obama’s eyes Darfur is genocide, FOCA isn’t. He may therefore listen to voices about Darfur even if he doesn’t listen to voices about FOCA.
    2. FOCA isn’t about killing people, it’s about making it legal for mothers to kill their babies. The real battle is not in the legal field, but on the street. By enabling mothers-to-be in difficulties to learn what other options they have, by providing them with economic and spiritual support and by teaching about the dangers of abortion, I believe many abortions can be avoided. Let the big shots make as many laws they want – you inform the mothers that there are other alternatives, and that killing the baby is not “the easy way out”. To do this you must cease passing judgements on people for considering abortion, and cease being judgemental against women who have had extra-marital sexual relationships. Accept who they are with love, and lead with example instead.

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