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January 9, 2009

Is Hamas winning by loosing?


I’d also like to recommend this blog:

In other news, the UN has made a laughable attempt to a “resolution” that would bring “cease fire”. It sounded a little something like this:

“You must both stop fight immediately. Terrorism is bad. Don’t attack civilians. Guarantee that no more weapon smuggling will be done and open the borders to the Gaza strip. We have no idea exactly how to practically accomplish all this, and we are trying to ignore the fact that Hamas has “killing all jews and never recognize Israel” on its agenda, but we would also like to emphasize that we want all other genocides, murders, rapes and crimes in the world to end, and we’d like every human being to turn into a cuddly teddy bear”.

Hamas has already said no. Now the world turns to Israel. “Will you be a good boy and accept this resolution, cease fire completely and hope that Hamas will stop shoot on you even though they’ve vowed not to, and will you innocently just sit and hope that the UN will somehow be able to stop the smuggling, since they’ve been doing such a good job on that the last 8 years? Will you be a good boy and put your head through the snare, hoping that Hamas that hates you and wants you dead will not kick the chair from under your feet?”

Way to go, UN.


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  1. Haha! =)

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