§279 The numbers

January 18, 2009

You may have thought why am I numbering my posts and what do they represent?

I do it just for fun and have done it since I started to blog in October 2006. I did not start over when I switched language and moved to WordPress in December 2007, I just continued it.

My first WordPress post was number 146. Now I’ve finally added a page to the right with the links to my first 145 blog posts. They’re all in Swedish, and it’s on the Swedish website lunarstorm.se Once you had to be a registered member to read blogs, but now these links apparently work well.

So now I finally have a record of all my blogging activity since October 2006 on one place. Great.

This was a pointless blog post… should I write anything about the cease fire?



One comment

  1. Well thank you for the enlightenment on that one. We were all dying to know!

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