§282 Co-existence. An idea

January 20, 2009

I was just thinking of something – an idea if you like. I think it could be done as a private initiative, but you would need to somehow fundraise all the millions of dollars it would take.

Wouldn’t it be great to found the first ever “co-existence-settlement” in the West Bank? A town with Palestinians and Israelis living together in co-existence under one municipality, showing Israel and the world that it’s possible? I’d move tomorrow!



  1. Balls brother!

    You know, I wrote about the end of hope a while back. Then people like you write things like this. That’s the hope. I truly believe there are more people like you in the world than we might dream of. But even if we only have one on each side… Imagine…

  2. I second AA, balls indeed brother and an incredible idea

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