§283 Hizbullah comedians

January 20, 2009

I didn’t know that the Hizbullah people were comedians… this is really funny!


View from Hizbullah: Hamas Killed 1,583 Soldiers

Reported: 07:45 AM – Jan/20/09

(IsraelNN.com) The pro-Hizbullah web site moqavemat.com reported that the Hamas army killed or wounded 1,583 Israeli soldiers in Gaza the past three weeks. The casualty toll jumped on Monday from 741 the previous day.

The website claimed, “The real information based on hospital records and military reports shows that Israel has lied to the media about the casualties during Gaza offensive. This is because if the Israel public knew they’ve lost and defeated so, there would be riots like never seen before.”

It also claimed that the IDF lost 17 Merkava tanks, one plane and two helicopters to “resistance forces.”



  1. I never was very good with the old math. I’m sure this “new math” would just drive me crazy! 😉

  2. They’ve been to school with Mao Zedong…

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