§286 Why don’t you hate me? I’m dissapointed

January 27, 2009

It’s not that I was expecting them to burn dolls of me in Damascus or something… but at least a few hateful comments? With so many hateful people in the world not even one got outraged by my last post? And here I thought my last post was provoking. Darn. Maybe protecting free speech is not that provoking… but then I should have gotten positive comments. Or at least seen some clicks on the petition.

Please readers, comment! Please reconfirm my existance! Define me! Define me!

Maybe I don’t need others to define me. Maybe I need to be myself and not care about what others say. Yes that’s it. Or at least make them think that I don’t care what they say, and hide behind a wall of self confidence. I’ll be looking down at people from that wall. “Hey, I’m self confident. You ca’n’t get me up here”.

I’m just really worried that people will think I’m building up that wall just because it’s popular to be self confident, see through the wall and expose the vulnerable me. And if I really was self confident I wouldn’t care. But since I do care I suppose that the entire wall is fake.

Ok, let’s leave the psychology behind, and concentrate on the happy and funny things in life instead:





  1. I’m hearin’ ya, keep it coming’. I’m just following the commentary without weighing in at the moment.

  2. Awww you are funny! I read your post… as I do all your posts. I just didn’t have time to reply for once. We got a big contract and Im a working girl now…lol (Get thy mind out of the gutter ok?)

    Anyway.. how could I hate you? Besides, I need to sharpen my sword first… burning effigies of you is no fun when I beat you up dueling..

  3. I’m with Amber, we be slaving … can’t hate you till I tried your coffee hello? Besides who will have entertaining war with Amber?

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