§290 This too shall pass

February 5, 2009

Life’s not fair when it’s unfair. Sometimes we just go through stressful times. My stress is currently being held down by inner “this shall pass” convictions. It was the worst one week ago when I received a work related email that put additional stress on me on a day when I had slept 4 hours and had been fasting 12 hours. But the day after, when I had slept and eaten, things seemed better. So far so good. The reasons of the stress is mainly:
-Preaching this shabbat and nothing prepared yet (planning on doing that this evening)
-Tests coming up 23rd and 26th, and I am much less prepared than I usually am.
-Work deadline 16th – need to finish 2008 before they come here from abroad to hep me do the final touches on the financial reports. Their visit will be pretty useless otherwise.

That’s it? Only those three things? I can handle that *convincing myself*. It’s not as bad as it seems if you only put it up in an organized list. Only one note though – concentrate on these things instead of blogging!!!!

Byebye. See you in March or something.


One comment

  1. Ta det lugnt… Du kanske får be någon annan predika den här gången. Du får inte ta på dig för mycket.

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