§293 Prophecy and Preaching

February 8, 2009

Peter Schiff. He apparently belongs to the Austrian school of economics. I should check that out in my macroeconomy studies. They’ve only taught us classic, keynesianic and neu-keynesianic thoughts. If he could predict 2008’s crash, he might definitelly be on to something. Basically that’s how economy theories are put to their tests – ability to predict the future. Of course you can never know for sure, since economics is basically about mass-psychology. But still. If a doctor who has done good diagnoses in the past tells you to eat well and excercise that’s a good advice, even if you should happen to be run over by a bus the next day (to take Scott Adam’s analogy).

Admitting, he didn’t predict everything, and some of the things he said did not happen (like the gold value for example), but still. He is much more accurate than the rest. Isn’t it fun to see people a few years ago trying to predict their future which is our present. Knowing exactly who is right and who is wrong?

On another note, I have either an amazing head or an amazing God. I lean toward the latter. Or a combination – I have an amazing God who has given me an amazing head. On Friday I knew that on shabbat I need to preach. I have a 40 minute sermon and I need something to talk about. I had already decided to preach on the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15), and had thought about it and reached a few conclusions regarding the first few verses.

At 22:00 I had still not started working on the sermon. That’s a nice feeling of pressure when you know you’ll be standing in front of people the next day, and don’t know what to say. But as I opened the bible, I just got idea after idea after idea regarding the text. I jus poured into my head. I had to write really really quickly to get all the thoughts down on paper before they dissappeared. One after the other – using nothing but the bible text, a translation, a cross reference and a biblical hebrew dictionary. No other interpretations nothing.

I have an amazing God. He is your God too. You just maybe don’t know  it yet.



  1. Men hur gick det med predikan sen då? Räckte det för 40 minuter?

  2. Jodå. Min predikan blev en succé.

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