§297 Election results done. So… who is prime minister?

February 11, 2009

Too close. Too tight. No one has any idea who the next PM will be. I keep hoping that it’s Bibbi. According to the internet, in my local neighborhood Likud received 37% of the votes, and Kadima 8%. But then, we’re a settlement. Lieberman and the Nationalist-Zionist party also got more votes than Kadima here.

Anyway, I went to vote, got behind the booth. I just love democracy. I like to stand there and feel the power. Feel like I’m the king of the world. Knowing that I still could, at the last moment, vote for those parties that I hate, looking through all the little notes that you could pick from with all the different party names. One strange thing I noted though – somehow, for some reason there were no arab parties represented at all. Now, granted, you are allowed to take an empty note and scribble the letters by yourself, so it’s not a blow to democracy. And I agree that settlers will probably not vote for arab parties in any case. Still, it’s a bit weird… it made me feel less like king of the world. I had a less accessible opportunity to vote for some of the parties that want to throw me out of my home.

In Zimbabwe, Tsvangirai is finally sworn in as Prime Minister. They only had the elections a year ago. Good for them. Finally some hope for Zimbabwe. Let’s hope the process takes less time here in Israel…

About Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe:


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