§300 I’m back and I’m free

February 26, 2009

I know, it’s the third time I use that title. It just fits well. I never have time to blog when I’m in the middle of all exams, and then the first blog post when I’m done with the exams, is just… that. So, a few updates. Let’s start with the personal ones regarding the studies. If you remember, back in September when the semester started I wrote down the breakdown of the three classes I’m taking:

1. Price Theory A
Unit 1-2 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 3-4 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 5 Theory of the Consumer – Applications

2. Macroeconomy B
Unit 6-7 Inflation
Unit 8 The open market – basics of the theory
Unit 9 Currency transactions in the open market
Unit 10-11 Asset transactions in the open market
Unit 12 Economic growth

3. Principles of Financial Accounting and Reporting: Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Management
Unit 1 The theoretical foundations of financial accounting and reporting
Unit 2 Income measurements and reporting in the financial statements
Unit 3 The balance sheet: Statement of financial position
Unit 4 The accounting process for preparing the financial statements
Unit 5 Current assets: Cash, receivables and short term investments in securities
Unit 6 Current assets: Inventory
Unit 7 Plant and intangible assets
Unit 8 Liabilities
Unit 9 Stockholders’ equity
Unit 10 The statement of cash flows
Unit 11 Financial statements adjustment for changing prices
Unit 12 I Long term investments in equity services
            II Introduction to analysis of financial statements

If we start from the top: the Consumer Theory was a very detailed and advanced math class. It included indifference curves (multi-variable functions), and budget restrictions, finding the consumer demand curve related to price, income (Engel curve), and price of other products. Curve elasticity, Marginal Rate of Substitution, Effect of substitution and of income according to Hicks and Slutsky, DRP relations, Consumtion over time (investing or loaning), and inflation effects, Labor supply, etc, etc…
(Wow, there’s really everything on wikipedia – please remind me not to do this with the two other classes… I’ll be stuck in front of the computer forever).

In this class I had recorded online lessons. I heard them, I understood, I wrote it down, I forgot. Three days ago I started study (after I had finished the exam on the 23rd in accounting). We were allowed one A4 page written on both sides, so while I studied I wrote in Times New Roman size 8 all over the page (used tables to fill out every single little space) while also re-learning it all (wasn’t too hard, I just needed to be reminded of it all). The test was done today. A few difficult questions, for some reason they really loved to hit us with half-linear and concave indifference curves.

The accounting. Now that was fun. I already study a professional accounting class for work (exam in July) and work with it. What this had to offer was first of all a wider view of the profficiency, an idea of the work of the auditor and the different rules that are applied. However, the book still teaches mostly according to FASB principles, and Israel started to work with IFRS standards from the beginning of 2008. Large portions of the books were ditched, and a lot of additional material was made available on the web site. Unit 11 wasn’t taught at all (I guess that would only go in times of inflation). That test I did this past Monday. Same A4 paper thing there, but I was more prepared since I know this subject from other sources (but many things are unique for this class to me – like stocks and bonds and options etc… my job doesn’t deal with that nor have we learned it in the regular accounting class yet). One question that made me laugh was when we were asked to handle R&D costs for developing a medicine “for stress relief with accountants because of the change to the new IFRS standard”. Hah!

The macro-economy. Nothing. I’ve handed in all papers I need to, but I’ve enlisted to do the test in May. It was just too much with 3 classes at once. I had to survive somehow.

Future: Do a test in English in the end of March to prove that I speak English (do I?) and start the two (only two!) classes I’m taking this spring. Introduction to Financing, and Introduction to Management Accounting and Pricing. I need both these and the English exam to be accepted to the advanced class I intend to take after the summer. Analysis of Financial Reports. Only one class. It’s the first time I’ll take an advanced one. And next spring I will not take any classes at all, because I’ll be working on a seminary essay in that.

Ok, enough bragging…

One other thing that made me postpone this post is that it’s number 300. It has to be something special! Has to! Right? It’s a little anniversary! My 300th blog post since I started in November 2006. Woho!

In work news we had a seminar about personal developement, and setting goals and time frames, and developing and evaluating progress etc etc. I ave around 10 goals to reach by the end of 2009. Some easy some really hard.

On the personal note…

Me and my wife discovered the game of scrabble. We have an old one from the 50’s that we inherited from my grandfather’s late wife. It’s fun (the scrabble, not the wife). Unfortunally I always loose (mostly) but never mind… now she has obtained the official letter count and letter score of Swedish scrabble just to be able to convert the language. Great. Guess who is better than who in Swedish…?

We have turtles! Through some contacts we have been able to get two small turtles who now live in our back yard. Their names are Skalman and Botvid. The kids love them.

From some time next week I will start to take care of my congregation’s accounting. This will be fun and easy. Not like at work… =) They’ve asked me earlier but I’ve demanded to finish my tests first.

On a more international news note, I’m glad to learn that all deadly conflicts in the world are solved. In the past there have been killings in Darfur, Uganda, Somalia, Sri Lanka, etc. But apparently that is all gone and the world has become overnight a place of care bears. The news apparently don’t even have anything to report about anymore, so they fill their sites with news about Obama family dog purchases, and Swedish princess Victoria’s engagement to a “commoner”. I am so happy to hear this. Now we just need to start an international soldier knitting contest, to keep the soldiers of the world busy with something useful until we have dismissed them all and disarmed all weapons.

And we will finish with a philosophical question: If an accountant makes journal entries in the middle of the woods, and no auditor is around to audit him. Does he still KICK ASS?

Now I need to get some dishes done and then fall asleep as soon as possible. I can barely stand straight anymore. I slept 2 hours last night and 3 hours the night before that. Sat up almost all night and studied for the test. Good night.

By the way, do a quick google or wikipedia search on Jean-Francois Champollion. Now there’s a pure genius!



  1. 14 golden stars to whoever read the entire part about the studies.. I didn’t!

    Aren’t those rather tortoises?
    We got them from friends of my parents since their tortoises know the art of reproduction a little too well. 🙂 Now let’s hope we have either two girls or two boys!!

  2. Man kan kolla på skalen, om de är platta längst ner är det tjejer och om de är lite vågiga (så de ska kunna hoppa upp på en tjej å dunka lite) så är det killar 🙂

  3. Hej bloggkompis 😀 Allt bra hoppas jag!

    Jag har en liten fråga till dig som är så duktig på engelska. Jag håller på att läsa engelska B och ska nu skriva en presentation om mig själv. Tänkte fråga dig om du skulle vilja läsa igenom den och markera där jag har skrivit fel. Den är inte så lång, 3/4 av ett A4. Vad tror du, har du tid? 🙂

    Tack på förhand!

    Kram Hanna Ädel

  4. Det kan jag göra, inga problem. Skicka den bara.

  5. 1) I’m nearly to post #200, and my one year “blogiversery” is March 4th.

    2) We have an eastern box turtle that we picked up from the middle of the highway about 5 years ago. Turtles are pretty easy to take care of, but be careful; dogs are their worst enemy.

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