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§325 Who let the jews out?

March 30, 2009

Happy Passover. Only 9 days left.


§324 The Radical Middle

March 30, 2009

This Israeli political satire from 2009 made me laugh:



And it reminded me of a Swedish political satire from 1973 (in Swedish):



§323 The Sudden Moves – a Dog’s Tale

March 30, 2009

My brother again. The lead singer of The Sudden Moves.

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§322 I have everything – now what?

March 29, 2009

Here’s a script for Sabbath school that I wrote. Used it yesterday.


I have everything! What now?


1 – Hey kids! We’ll do a little sketch for you here, ok? Ready? I’m gonna pretend I’m a millionaire! This is a part I just love to play!


2 – And I’m gonna be your normal-person friend. Somehow we stayed friends, I don’t really know why.


1 – Yeah, yeah, so anyway, kids, just imagine me wearing an Armani suit, ok? Here we go! *starts dancing around*


I am so happy, I am young, I am rich, I am successful, I have accomplished everything anyone could ever dream of. Yeay! I am a millionaire; I can do whatever I want…




Well.. what now? I thought this successfulness would make me happy… and I feel… something is missing. Something there in the back of my head.


2 – A pillow maybe?


1 – Yes! That must be it! A pillow! *puts pillow behind head*. Nope that’s not it.


2 – Peace with God and eternal life?


1 – Hmm… I think you might be onto something here. Peace with God and eternal life sounds really awesome. You know what? I’ll do it! Where do I buy it? How much does it cost?


2 – No, man, that’s not how it works, see…


*gets cut off*


3 – Hey, dude, I heard you’re a millionaire, looking for eternal life. I have the perfect answer. See all you have to do is give me all of your money.


4 – Nonono, don’t listen to that guy, you need to give me all your money.


5 – They’re all insane, come listen to me, I have the perfect five-step plan to all the things you need to do to achieve perfect spiritual peace. First you need to bathe in elephant milk in five days, and then give me all your money and then put five hot raisins in your belly button…


2 – *pulling 1 away from all weirdoes* Buddy, I’m your friend. Forget those people. Let’s go through this from the beginning. Your goal was to become rich, right?


1 – Right.


2 – And after a lot of hard work you achieved it, right?


1 – Right.


2 – How exactly did that happen?


1 – A lot of luck, and many wise decisions made in the right time on the right place.


2 – Ok, that’s great. But how exactly did you make those decisions?


1 – What do you mean?


2 – Which thoughts were behind your decisions?


1 – Well, to do anything to get as rich as possible, of course.


2 – And now that you achieved it, you’re feeling it was not what you hoped, right?


1 – Right.


2 – Well, then it’s time to change the way you make your decisions. If your goal is no longer to get rich, your decisions need to be based on what will help you to get eternal life with God. Does this make sense?


1 – I guess. So I should decide on a different breakfast tomorrow then?


2 – Uhm… I don’t know if that really matters. But you need to switch from your values to God’s values.


1 – Values? Money has value.


2 – No, actually it doesn’t. Just open your Bible. “Don’t gather treasures on earth were inflation and market fluctuations ruins, and the state charges you wealth taxes. Gather your treasures in heaven were there’s none of that. Because were your treasure is will your heart be”


1 – Wow. It really says that?


2 – Well, not exactly, I changed a little to make it more your lingo. But you get my point, right?


1 – Yes! Switch breakfast! Wear other shirts!


2 – Nonono, not just that. Let’s see… ok, here in the Bible there’s a story of the rich man who met Jesus. Let’s make a sketch of it and you’ll understand what I mean.


1 – *being “himself” again* – yo, dude… It’s already a sketch in a sketch. Will the kids follow if we make it a sketch in a sketch in a sketch…???


2 – I don’t know. But let’s try.


1 – Oh, whatever, forget it, I don’t wanna be that rich guy anymore anyhow. Let’s just play the Jesus thing.


2 – Oh, ok. I get to be Jesus.


1 – Why do you get to be Jesus?


2 – Because you have to be the rich guy, duh! Stick with your role. Now get off stage and come running up to me and fall to my feet.


1 – Oh, alright…


*1 goes offstage and comes running on stage falling to 2’s feet*


Good rabbi, what shall I do to get eternal life?


2 – Just jump up and down five times and shout *toodleloo* Naa, I’m kidding you!


1 – *being “himself” * Come on, Jesus can’t have said that!


2 – I’m trying to play a funnier and more relaxed kind of Jesus who is everyone’s buddy, and who is joking around before he gets to the real stuff.


1 – Well… ok, I guess but don’t you think people will think it’s… you know… unholy or something? I mean, you’re playing Jesus here! People might get mad at you.


2 – I don’t really care what people think. Bible says we should care about what God thinks and not people. And God definitely has humor. He did create you. Now get back to the sketch.


1 – Oh, right, ok… uhm… where were we?


2 – You were asking me about eternal life and all that stuff


1 – Right. So, rabbi, what say you?`


2 – Well, you know the commandments. Be good, don’t murder, don’t steal, don’t use Caps-Lock when you type, don’t lie, respect your parents, yadda yadda yadda…


1 – Yeah, well I’ve done all that since forever. I’m like you know the most perfect person in the world.


2 – Yeah right….we both know you don’t, because no one can… but you’re not really asking about that are you? Your question here is actually “what else do I need to do, besides that?” Am I right or am I right?


1 – Uhm… yeah


2 – Well… remember Abraham? God asked him to give up the most precious son he had, and when he was ready to do so, God blessed him and gave him both the son and more? The same goes for you here. You need to be ready to give up the most precious thing you own – your money. Sell all you have and give to the poor. Then you will have that treasure in heaven that I was babbling about in my last sermon on the hill


3(disciple) – on the mount


2 – Whatever.


1 – Give up… all my money… just like that…? Stuff that I’ve worked so hard for in all my life? Just give it all away? Just like that?


2 – Yep. God sees your heart. You love money more than anything. If you can’t be complete with the thought of giving it up, you’re not fit.


1 – *Walks away*


2 – These rich people always love their money so much. The money itself is not a problem… but the love of money. The greed. People with much money get so greedy it’s almost impossible for them to come into the Kingdom. They really can’t get there without any help from God.


1 – Ok, sketch over. Hey, 2, can I ask you something?


2 – Go ahead.


1 – Does this mean that it’s bad for a believer to want to get rich?


2 – Well – what do you say kids? *Wait for answer* There’s nothing wrong with money as long as we don’t depend on it in order to be happy. If we think that new toys, good food, lots of money, cool cars and big trips are going to give us the happiness we want in life – we’re on the wrong track. God has said in his word that it’s good to enjoy the things he has given us – but it’s not the focus. In any case, money always disappears. Market fluctuations, monetary strategies, inflation, interest rates, exchange values and all that blablabla will make any money we have disappear in the long run. But we can gather treasures in heaven.


1 – How? By giving money to the poor? To ministries? To churches? If I write a check and send right now to the Bible Society, will that amount be credited in my account in the central heaven bank?


2 – What do you say kids? Does it work that way? *wait for answers* Na, not really. So how do we gather treasures in heaven? By making decisions based on the values of God. There we are, back to the decision making thing again. Our decisions need to be based on “What is God’s will?” and not on “What will gain me and make me more rich?” That way we will always do our best to do God’s will, and every time we do that we gather more treasures in heaven.


1 – So let me ask you this – if donating money all around me is not what will save me – then why did Jesus say that to that rich guy, eh? A-haaaah, caught ya! *pointing*


2 – Kids, any ideas? *answers* This guy’s entire happiness and hopes were all dependent on his wealth. He loved the stuff he had more than he loved God. Telling him to get rid of it was God’s way of telling him that as long as that is the most important thing in his life he can never find the Truth.


1 – Hang on, hang on… didn’t someone in the Bible say that love of money is the root of all evil?


2 – Yes, Paul said that in 1st Timothy 6:9-10


1 – Woah, dude, you know the bible by heart?


2 – No, but it’s written in the script, right there.


1 – Ah. Ok, anyway… So everything everything bad that goes on in the world is because of greed?


2 – Pretty much, yes.


1 – Ok… uhm… people in Africa being hungry. Are they hungry because they are greedy?


2 – No, but because the dictator leaders of those countries are greedy. And because those countries are in a bad shape because of the greed of countries like ours who won’t drop their debts. And because of the greed of the colonization hundreds of years ago. That’s what you could come up with? Come on, give me something harder, come on. I assure you that you won’t be able to find a single bad thing in the world that is not a result of love of money. It’s always the greed. Always.


1 – Hmm… I’m blank. Kids, have any ideas?

*cope with kids ideas – make sure they don’t beat you…*


1 – Now, will God give us all we need and all we want? Or just what we need? Or what we need and part of what we want? What exactly should I pray for?


2 – Well, God does love you, and he wants you to have what you want too, and not just what you need. But it won’t always be exactly what you want, because he always knows better. Let’s bring out the bibles and read Philippians 4:19, 1st  Thessalonicians 3:10-12, 1st Timothy 6-8, 9-11, Matthew 6:33 and see of we can get to the bottom of this.


1 – Dear God, I want an IPod, because all the other cool kids have one and I need to not be laughed at. IPod is a real need for me. Please apply Matthew 6:33 on this IPod for me. Amen.


2 – Ok, kids, what was the problem with that prayer…?


*keep going and improvise until the time’s up and the grown ups have finished their service and started drinking coffee*


§321 What did you do yesterday? The Sudden Moves

March 26, 2009

My very talented younger brother is the lead singer and song writer!

Recorded at Live Arena 305, Malmö, Sweden on March 20th 2009.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Are you insane?
What did you do yesterday?

I don’t know man
I drank a little of this and that
They put me in a suit of jelly
They ate hot food from my belly
I heard i was on the news?
Why do i always have to lose?
My liver feels like a stone
I have a thousand-dollar loan

Are you insane?
What did you do yesterday?

I don’t know man
I smoked a little of this and that
My left eyebrow has disappeared
My balls hurt, just like i feared
I think i was covered in foam
and that a shemale took me home
I’d like to think that i’m okay
but what did i do yesterday?

I am insane
What did i do yesterday?
what did i do? x2
All right!


§320 A story about a very special person

March 24, 2009

Here’s a story about this person.

S/he came out of nowhere and made an absurd claim that his/her father was someone he couldn’t possibly be.

S/he had powers that were quite supernatural and s/he seemed to be a little “out of this world”. S/he never made a big deal out of it, and to him/her it was not any special “powers” – it was just who s/he was.

S/he quickly made many friends that admired him/her and followed him/her everywhere.

S/he always helped the weak against the strong, and always used his/her powers for good things.

S/he was not liked by many conservatives who wanted things “as they were”. S/he shook their world a little with ideas and behavior that were not socially acceptable.

The representatives of the law and establishment especially disliked him/her and did all they could to stop him/her and make him/her “follow the rules”.

So, who is this about?









Jesus Christ or Pippi Longstocking?



§319 Messianic Jews

March 22, 2009