§301 Time to ditch the UN? Free speech in danger again!

March 1, 2009

The muslims countries have with a joint effort been able to pressure the UN enough to pass a binding resolution that makes it forbidden throughout the world to critisize islam. As we all know, islam will eventually take over the world according to the koran, so I guess this is just the next step. First step is always making everyone against The Only True Way shut their mouths. And that’s it then. We’re back in the 15th century. Pushed back by the countries who never actually left the 15th century.

Or, as someone else put it: George Orwell was apparently only off by 30 years or so…

This is the time to wave good bye to the UN. Let the muslims stay there and decide whatever they want. Let us leave.

It’s at times like these that I’m so glad I live in Israel! Thank God for this great country where ridiculing any religion is always and will always be part of our fundamental right of freedom of speech!


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