§303 Bashir, Bashir… what will the ICC say about you?

March 4, 2009

The balance between peace and justice is still being debated. Is it good if the International Court press charges against Bashir for the Darfur genocide or not? The ones that argue that it’s good say that justice must be made. The ones that argue that it’s bad say that it will make things worse for his victims – the Darfurians.

Basically the activists say that justice must be made and it will promote peace in the long run. Aid workers say it will accomplish nothing and only increase the existing violence (on the other hand – can it get much worse?)

I have a suggestion for the Western World – if you find Bashir guilty, and thus increase current violence in Darfur in exchange for a hope of possible future peace – I accept that as fine – as long as you take your moral obligation and open up your borders for the Darfuri refugees.

Convict Bashir, he’s a criminal and he deserves it – but if you insist on meddling with Sudan’s inner conflict (the genocide), then also make sure western countries will open their borders. Don’t judge in this matter if you can’t handle the consequences.

So, either turn a deaf ear to the conflict, as you’ve done to so many other genocides, or get involved in solving it. But don’t solve one part, expecting the other part to turn out ok.

Sister, you’re my expert in these things. What are your views?


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