§304 It’s official – Bashir is a war criminal. As if we didn’t know

March 5, 2009

But now 10 aid agencies have been expelled from Sudan, affecting millions of people.

This is the time to let those millions of people leave Sudan together with the aid agencies and enable them to get themselves a new life somewhere else. But that’s just my view, and I guess it’s a bit unexecutable.

On another note, the Swedish newspaper can apparently talk about nothing but the Crown Princess’ engagement to the commoner Daniel (he was her fitness instructor). The King and the government have agreed to let them get engaged (for some reason they need to approve), the King has dubbed him prince, and the wedding is expected for 2010. It will be very royal, very luxuous, and paid by the Swedish tax payers.

Now, some people in Sweden are apparently against this. That the tax payers should pay this. I say shut up and stop whining. If you’re gonna be mad at that, be mad at it in countries where the population actually does starve to death while the leader has super-luxuous birthday parties, like Zimbabwe (Happy birthday, Mugabe). Or think of the fact that only a few hundred years ago royal luxury was a given fact of life, and people would still die from hunger in the street corners of Sweden. Today you’re one of the wealthiest welfare countries in the world, your super-high taxes go mostly to help people in need, and you whine about the fact that parts of it go to the luxury which once was the only thing the tax payer’s money went to?

If you don’t want a monarchy, then say so. But you don’t. Swedish public opinion is in favour of the royal court. They like the fact that they’re one of the most ancient kingdoms in Europe, and they enjoy having someone to gossip about in the papers so they can ignore Zimbabwe and Sudan.

I will now add “War is a bore”. A video in English made by Swedish cult-actor, comedian, poet, film director and author Tage Danielsson (1928 – 1985). This video was shown at the Montreux festival 1965. The “War is a bore”-part starts at 3:00. It satirizes the typical Swedish indifference (ignore those weird stuff in the end of the video – it’s added by a weird youtube uploader guy). According to Wikipedia this video “created both a stir and a lot of raised eyebrows when it was showed”


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