§306 Today was a good day. And I will not let violence and opression ruin that

March 7, 2009

The sun is shining. It was over 30 degrees celsius, so after congregation I went to the playground with the kids and my wife went home to make lunch that we could bring with us to a picnic in the park. There were other kids there. But their parents were just sitting at the bench. Shouting remarks once in a while. I played chasing with my daughter around the playground (nothing makes a three-year old laugh more). Then I went to the climbing place and hanged upside down and asked my kids why there are walking around in the sky. Then I went to the park bench and laid down and told the kids that Im going to sleep. My son started to tell me that “now I give you a dream about an elephant”, and I started to make snoring-elephant noises. We went through quite a lot of animals that way. Then I bounced my daughter on my knees for a while, etc etc… in the end my wife came with the picnic basket and we all headed for the park. Our youngest 1½ year old daughter woke up on our way there. After we had eaten she started to walk around in the grass on her own. Walk a bit, then run back to us. Then walk a little further… and then run back to us again. Before long she dared to run really far away, as long as she could still see us. She is gaining independence. And her big laugh gave everyone who passed by a smile. She is a happinness-spreader.

So I will not let the horrible happenings around the tennis game between Israel and Sweden (my two home countries) ruin my beautiful day. It was held in the city of Malmö, where many of my relatives live, and where there is around 20-30% muslim population (from what I’ve heard). Radical muslims, radical left-wings and nazis all came together in a big demonstration against that horrible evil democratic country which dares to defend itself against terrorists and who has the nerve to protect its civilians in order to reduce their own casualties (By the way, there’s no problem having the olympics in China).

Neither will I let the worrying circumstances around ICC’s conviction of Bashir stand in my way for happiness today. The arab media has accused ICC of being two faced, by not charging Israel (and Bush and Blair) with similar charges. On the other hand, the Syrian opposition has been shouting “Today Bashir, tomorrow Bashar”, hoping that ICC will convict Bashar el-Assad for the murder of Hariri. I am worried 1) that Bashir will kill as many people as possible now to “show his muscles” before it’s too late (he has already killed thousands by kicking out the humanitarian organisations on whom many people rely for basic needs), and 2) that ICC will actually listen to the arab media voices and start to talk about prosecuting accusations against Israel. If that, God forbid, happens, I hope our leaders will be responsible enough to avoid ignoring it, but rather put as many lawyers as possible on it. I hope they will see it as an opportunity to show the world the truth – that we are not, nor have we ever been, war criminals.

But as I said, I will not let these things ruin my day. I had a good day! War and opression make me sad. But coffee and cake make me happy.

Tomorrow the kids have a Purim party at the kindergarten and then they’re off for Purim a few days. I’m gonna take a few days off too to be with them, so I go to work tomorrow (for a very busy day to get everything done) and then two days off. Woohoo!

Oh, one more thing I wanted to tell you. Yesterday I described to my kids what an orchestra is, that each musician and singer have their one notes (I’ve explained notes earlier with the piano and some basic melodies), and when everyone sing and play together it gets really beautiful, and that there’s a conductor who knows and points to everyone when they should play or sing. Then I told them the well known story about Beethoven’s 9th symphony (he was deaf, couldn’t hear his own work, and only at the end realised that everyone were applauding in standing ovation, and he burst into tears). The I showed them this below youtube clip. I wasn’t sure if they would like it. Maybe they’d just prefer to leave and watch cartoons. But they actually sat and saw the entire 10 minutes of this. And my son wanted to see the rest when the clip ended (then he left in the middle of the next clip – it gets too long).

Great! Apparently even kids can appreciate the power, the might and the great feeling this masterpiece gives you. How beautiful things can get when there are enough people who do the right thing at the right time, conducted from the center from the one who has all relevant information. I’m happy they heard this melody as the original firt time they heard it. I heard it first time as the Swedish “song of the months” in kindergarten when I was 6. It took a few years before I learned that this was Beethoven’s 9th symphony, and I must have been at least 13 before I learned that this is the only symphony made with vocals and lyrics, and that there are original lyrics to it.

Here you go. Feel the power of this amazing masterpiece.



  1. Så stolt över dig att du ger barnen kultur! Nästa steg är att visa dem opera, varför inte från Tosca av Puccini! Särskilt den här sången:

    Min favorit!
    Inspelad live på samma plats där operan utspelar sig, uppe på ett tak i Rom

  2. jag ogillade os i kina också bara så du vet, både israel, kina och marocko är på mina bojkottslista.

  3. rätt adress

  4. kids are amazing…. didn’t you know that all of the old time Bugs bunny cartoons and Mighty Mouse cartoons had classical and opera music playing in them? Good stuff.

    I hope this nightmare ends with peace for all…. its just getting silly now… sheesh

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