§308 I love my family. I hate when they hate each other

March 11, 2009

Nono, my wife and kids are fine. This is about my siblings. I won’t give any details, but things are tough at the moment as my parents are trying to negotiate between the two sides.
I have never understood the concept of disowning. Why would family member A disown another family member B for a personal decision that doesn’t affect A? It’s one thing if B had hurt A personally very bad. But when B only has made a very bad and life changing personal decision that has nothing to do with A, then I really do not understand. I love them both so much and this situation is tearing me apart.
To be fair, I have only heard B’s side of the story. I have asked A for her side of the story, but haven’t received an answer. I can only hope things will work out.

**update** Negotiation successful, siblings friends again. Now I can only hope that this unnecessary event will not carry any future long term effects.


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