§310 Israel is our only homeland

March 12, 2009

When I moved to Israel I used to say that what was Germany yesterday could be any country tomorrow. Israel, the Jewish homeland, where we have our own army to defend us, is our only possible homeland. I never thought that I would so quickly see this happen in Sweden. This video scares me. It really does:

The chant is “”Khaybar, Khaybar, ya yahoud, jaish Muhammad saufa ya‘ud” which means “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh jews, Muhammed’s army will return”. Referring to when Muhammed slaughtered the jewish inhabitants of Khaybar. This is not criticism of Israel. This is blatant in-your-face Anti-Semitism. They might as well have chanted “Treblinka, Treblinka, oh Jews, Himmler’s army will return”.

What scares me is that this is happening on the streets of Malmö, Sweden. A city where I have many Jewish family members. It scares me to see the familliar Swedish grey landscape, the signs in Swedish, everything reminding me of the places in Sweden where I grew up as a child. Nowadays these places, where I had my innocent and care-free childhood, is trampled by people who hate me for being born, chanting choruses of killing as many as possible of people like me.

But one should never see only the bad things. This, and many other events like it, is what eventually will make Israel stronger than ever. The more these things happens throughout the world, the more important is the existance of the Jewish state. By protesting against Israel, they are making us stronger. I urge any Jews anywhere in the world to make Aliyah and come home to the promised Land.


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