§315 The studies for this semester

March 17, 2009

I know that no one is interested, but I’ve made it a tradition to present you with my studies every time a new semester starts. These are my studies for Spring semester 2009:


Financial Theory – Financial Management of Business Firms

1. The finance function

2. Financial Analysis, Planning and Control

3. The Management of Working Capital

4. The Management of Fixed Assets

5. Long Term Financing

6. Valuation, Capital Structure and the Cost of Capital

7. Financial management in inflatory environment


Managerial Accounting and Cost Analysis

1. An Introduction, Cost Terms

2. Cost Accumulation – Job Order Accounting

3. Cost Accumulation – Process Cost System

4. Cost Allocation, Service Department Cost

5. Joint-Product Cost and By-Product Cost

6. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis – Break Even Point

7. Contribution Approach to Cost

8. Relevant Costs

9. Budgeting

10. Standard Cost System and Variance Analysis

11. Managerial Control

12. Activity-Based Costing (ABC)



This will be fun!


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