§316 How much is a human life worth?

March 18, 2009

I can understand the Shalits, that they want their son back. Gilad Shalit has been held hostage by Hamas since 2006. I can understand that they are willing to pay any price, including releasing hundreds of mass murderers who have no regret and will probably continue killing once they’re released.

But I can’t understand how the government thinks that one human life is worth releasing 325 mass murderers. Only because these murderers’ victims don’t have a face yet? Because we don’t know who they are? Luckily, the Palestinian leadership (as usual) demanded “all or nothing” and were left with nothing. This time they demanded 450 terrorists, and our government was sober enough to refuse 75 of them.

Now, add to this equation that Gilad Shalit is probably dead. Not too long ago Olmert released thousands of mass murderers to get back a few corpses of soldiers killed in action. Hizbullah pretended that the soldiers were alive and held hostage, they refused to let the Red Cross meet them (against Geneva convention of course), and Olmert never asked to know if they were alive or not. Then why on earth would Hamas keep Shalit alive (they won’t let Red Cross meet him either)? I am pretty sure Olmert has killed him.

Ron Arad was kidnapped 1986. I was not around to hear the discussions back then, and why he never was released. But there’s not much hope of finding him alive ever again. Will the same fate be Shalit’s? If our government is responsible, then yes. Shalit’s fate will remain an enigma. If our government is irresponsible, we might get back Shalit’s corpse to bury. And the cost of that will the hundreds of dead civilians killed by the released terrorists.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against doing all we can to release our men. But at what cost? Will we sacrifice hundreds of lives to maybe save one life? I don’t get it. And why has our enemies always demanded hundreds of prisoners released in exchange for one of ours? Whose life do they regard as more valuable..?

What would be the best that could happen? That Gilad is alive and is unconditionally released because all Hamas terrorists turned into Care-Bears overnight. I don’t really believe in that scenario, though.

Right now Israel has 3 abducted men:

-Ron Arad. Flight navigator. Kidnapped over 20 years ago. Unknown fate. Probably dead. Israel negotiated for his release, but talks collapsed in 1988 and he was never heard of again. Not a hero. Not a criminal.

-Gilad Shalit. Young guy doing his military service next to Gaza. Kidnapped by Hamas 2006. Unknown fate. Probably dead. Israel was ready to release 325 terrorists to release him, but talks collapsed in 2009. Not a hero. Not a criminal.

-Jonathan Pollard. Sent secret US intelligence information to Israel. Put in US prison in 1987. Received Israeli citizenship 1995. Israel has done nothing to release him. He is guilty of his crimes, but spying for an ally gives two to four years in prison. He has been there since 1987. Not a hero. A minor criminal with unproportional sentence.


Sweden has one similar story of a captive never returned:

-Raul Wallenberg. Swedish diplomat, part of a rich and powerful family. saved lives of a hundred thousand Hungarian jews during the holocaust (including my ninth-grade school teacher’s father). Kidnapped by Soviet 1945. Unknown fate. Probably dead by now (but could’ve been alive 10 years ago). Sweden did nothing to release him. A True Hero.



  1. I personally think that Jonathan should be released from jail, after all he had spied for the only ally USA has in the middle east and today we see that Israel & USA are trading intelligence no matter what so if that is the case free the man he didn’t pass info to north korea or iran I am not agreeing with what he did but I think he has been punished.

  2. Yes, pretty much my point. He is a minor criminal who has served his time already. Why is he still imprisoned? But I refuse to call him a hero, as a few israelis do. And if you check out the wikipedia about him you’ll see that it was not just one or two secrets. He passed on millions of documents to Israel throughout years. What exactly was there and if it was necessary or not we’ll never know. Intelligence trade has nothing to do with it, because decisions are made regarding what information is shared and not, it’s not an uncontrollable leak.

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