§318 Bride dresses

March 20, 2009

I know, it’s not like me to advertise things on my blog. But this time it’s a very good friend of mine who just recently started his own company from his own personal money. Besides, he didn’t ask me to advertise him here. I’m just doing it anyway.

Yes, it’s bride dresses. He is getting married this summer and happened to realize how ridiculously overpriced bride dresses are in Israel. So he started to import them, and sell them at much more affordable prices. He is also the first one in Israel to do this on the internet.

So if you happen to be a potential customer of his (in Israel and about to get married), I really really recommend you take a look at his website.


Why did I do this? Because this is more than just advertising. This is supporting small business initiatives and enterprise. And doing what I can to help a friend.


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