§319 Messianic Jews

March 22, 2009


  1. Jag har för mig att det står i Bibeln att det kommer en dag när hela det judiska folket kommer att börja tro på Jesus som Messias. Hoppas den dagen kommer snart, för det är ju hemskt att det sker sådan diskriminering, ja mobbing rent ut sagt, i ett demokratiskt västland.

  2. WOW I didn’t know that my brothers in Israel were tried like this. Any way this just reinforce my believes after all, Yeshua did told us that we will be hate and that they will try to kill us and destroy us, but in my heart I laugh because they wont win this one HASHEM WILL and THEN THEY WILL SEE AND SHAME FOR IT. KEEP THE FAITH BROTHERS AND SISTER OF THE HOLLY LAND YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS AND SOON VERY SOON WE WILL BE TOGETHER AND ENJOY WITH OUR LORD AND MASTER YESHUA THAT WILL TAKE US WITH HIM AND WITH HIM WE WILL RULE WITH THE JUSTICE OF HASHEM THIS WORLD LIKE HE HAS PROMISED Bless you all and bless them too so they can be also saved in the name of YESHUA. AMEN

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