§320 A story about a very special person

March 24, 2009

Here’s a story about this person.

S/he came out of nowhere and made an absurd claim that his/her father was someone he couldn’t possibly be.

S/he had powers that were quite supernatural and s/he seemed to be a little “out of this world”. S/he never made a big deal out of it, and to him/her it was not any special “powers” – it was just who s/he was.

S/he quickly made many friends that admired him/her and followed him/her everywhere.

S/he always helped the weak against the strong, and always used his/her powers for good things.

S/he was not liked by many conservatives who wanted things “as they were”. S/he shook their world a little with ideas and behavior that were not socially acceptable.

The representatives of the law and establishment especially disliked him/her and did all they could to stop him/her and make him/her “follow the rules”.

So, who is this about?









Jesus Christ or Pippi Longstocking?



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