§328 Passover coming up

April 6, 2009

I’ve been more active on twitter lately than on the blog (as you can see to the right), but anyway… maybe I should scribble something when I don’t have anything to scribble for a change? Can you call it scribble when it’s not with a pen? *Philosophical question of the day*

Yesterday I said to my wife “I don’t care how you feel”. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it’s out of context. The actual conversation went like this:

She: “I don’t feel beautiful”
Me: “I don’t care how you feel. You’ll always be beautiful to me”

See? Wasn’t that bad was it? I thought of it later that it’s a great example of how things can easily be taken out of context and say its exact opposite. A technique used frequently with the Bible.

Anyway, Passover is coming up. It’s the seder eve this Wednesday. We’ve invited 2 Swedes, 2 Danes and one Faroese (Hang on, is this the beginning of a joke?). We barely know any of them (friends of friends) but since they’re all spending the night we’ll definitelly get to know them.

Kids are getting more and more excited about Passover coming up. Our 3-year old girl has been practising Ma Nishtana. Our 4-year old son “laid the table” for the seder meal with his toy utensils in his room yesterday evening.

The one who has most stuff to do is my dear wife. Cleaning the house, doing the shopping, cleaning out the Hametz, planning the cooking, planning the bread-less week of Passover, etc, etc. I do as much as I can of course, but I do happen to have a job. Luckily my University has postponed a few papers to hand in because of the holiday so I can afford to miss a few study evenings. Wife however has her distance studies in Sweden and they don’t really care over there about the Jewsih holidays. Well, at least her essay is finally finished. She worked months and months with it.

So, working today and tomorrow and then there’s a longlong passover weekend. Wednesday-Thursday for Passsover and then Friday-Saturday for the weekend. Back to work on Sunday. I know that’s Easter day for you Christians, but frankly, I couldn’t care less about the dates set by the Catholic church. I celebrate my holidays like Jesus did. Jesus was not a Christian. He was a Jew.

If I have time I might also write some Passover reflections here. You know about this holiday, freedom from slavery in Egypt and the equivalent freedom from the slavery of sin through the Messiah, comparing that to the world’s definition of freedom which is actually the exact opposite of the true freedom we’re talking about.


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