§330 I’m sick

April 11, 2009

Further thoughts about last post’s subject have gone through my head, but right now I’m sick, so I’ll get back about that. I’ve been home from work Wednesday till now because of the holiday and I was supposed to be back to work tomorrow. Won’t happen. I’ll probably stay in bed most of the day tomorrow, maybe get some studies done or at least leisure read (which for me means reading a book about World War I by Peter Englund). And the inevitable dishes as usual. Hopefully I’ll be healthy enough to get back to work and blogging and study by Monday. Just before Passover 2 hits. One day at work and then 2 days off again for holiday. And that’s if I’m lucky. Right now I’m with 39.2 degrees Celsius, headache and sore throat. Just like that out of the blue. I’m usually never sick, even when the rest of the family is. Now I’m the only sick one (well, our 4-year old has some fever but thats because of his ear drum exploding).

In other news my sister and her husband visited today. Always great to see them, since they live in Sweden and come to visit maybe one or 2 times a year. And they brought me birthday presents =)

Anyway, now I’ll get back to the dishes and then we’ll see if I’m awake enough to try some studies. I have 2 assignments to hand in by April 19th. But maybe I’ll get time for that tomorrow.

This post got disorganised. Happens when you’re sick…


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