§331 Tonsillitis

April 13, 2009

It’s official, I definitelly have tonsillitis. Never had that before. My dad and my siblings get it all the time, not me. Wife started to google my symptoms yesterday (sore throat, no coughing, difficulty swallowing, high fever, headache, breath smells like something died in my throat, etc) and started to suspect it’s tonsillitis. Then she took a flashlight and checked my throat and saw all those yucky white spots on the tonsils. Touched my lymph nodes and I jumped five meters backwards. Yes, it’s tonsillitis. Next available time with the doctor – Thursday. Uhm, no. Had to go to the 24-hour open urgent medical center. Got there, waited a while with all kinds of other sick people. Apparently it’s fine to come to those places dressed in a blue Garfield-pyjama and pink slippers. Regretted I didn’t bring my World War I book, so I just sat and played cell-phone backgammon until the doctor called me in. I got a ten-day antibiotics treatment. Went straight to the pharmacy. It was after 22:00, but the pharmacy was still open. From yesterday and especially today I have lower fever, headache not as severe, but a horrible pain in my neck that I didn’t have before. Have I laid down too much, or is the infection spreading?

I haven’t been to work and I haven’t got anything done in the studies. I have 2 assignments to hand in by the 19th. Maybe it’s time to start to give it a glance this evening. Tomorrow it’s like a Friday. Passover eve number 2. If I’m healthy enough I’ll pay work a short visit.

I noticed the twitter thing on the right over there *points* always says “no response from twitter”. At least that’s all I can see. Is it just my computer? Don’t think so. Anyway, if you just click it you’re supposed to be able to see my twitter. I’ve actually been neglecting this blog a bit because I’ve been updating my twitter so often.

My passover thoughts will have to wait. I’m to self centered and focused on my sickness right now. Please pat me on the head and feel sorry for me.

Did I mention my sister and her husband visited us last shabat? I think I did. They wouldn’t tell me anything about my brother’s performance. He made a standup act and everyone keep telling me how good it was. But they’re not telling me anything in order not to ruin it for me. He taped it and will upload on youtube after editing and adding English subtitles. I’m still waiting. Nuuu? *jumping up and down*. One of the presents we received from my sister was a DVD box with the French cartoon series “Il Était Une Fois… L’Homme” by Albert Barillé from the 70’s, dubbed to Swedish. Teaching kids history all the way from Stone age to modern time. We’ve started watching one episode every evening with our 4-year old after the girls have gone to sleep. Only 2 episodes so far, so we’ve only reached the Neanderthals. Our kids will be so well educated. Yeay.

Anyway, I better go and do the dishes now.


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  1. I see the twitter thingie.. don’t worry.

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