§333 Twitter-facebook-wordpress-youtube-GAAH!

April 15, 2009

Just trying to comprehend the little journey my pesach song took:

1) Wife uploaded it on youtube and sent me the link.

2) Wife publishes on Swedish secret blog for family and on her facebook as a “link”, which makes it possible to see the clip embedded in facebook.

3) I post the youtubevideo as a “link” on facebook in the same way.

4) I publish it on my WordPress blog embedded

5) My wordpress blog (this) is imported to my facebook notes and gets published again on facebook.

6) I go to tinyurl to make a short nice adress from the direct blog post adress of my blog post in wordpress where the youtube clip is embedded.

7) I publish the tinyurl link on my twitter.

8,) Twitter updates my facebook status

9) Twitter updates the little upper right corner of my wordpress blog.

So if you’re one of those people that I know that follow me on facebook – you should see it three times. Once as embedded youtube link, once as an imported notebook post with that embedded, and once as a tinyurl link in my latest status.

Ah, the technology…


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