§334 Is your ipod fueling mass rape in Congo?

April 16, 2009

Me – There’s a deadly conflict in Congo DRC. Deadliest since WWII they say. One of the weapons used by the rebel forces is mass rape to innocent civilians.

You – Well, what can I do?

Me – Great! That’s the spirit! What can we do, what can we do…?

The electronic things you use all the time. Ipods, cell phones, computers – where do their minerals come from? Any idea? If not, make sure they’re not from Congo. The mines there are controlled by the very forces that do these mass rapes.

Urge you Electronics Companies to Sign the Congo Conflict Minerals Pledge

I know I will.

More information about this on Michael Kleinman’s blog post of today



  1. This is just great!! As a Congolese, I thank you for spreading the word for Congo. I would also suggest that you visit http://www.congoweek.org to find out more things that you can do to raise awareness, and empower the Congolese people to solve their own problems.

  2. Thanks, I try to do my part, as little as that is. No time to give, no money to give. But at least I can give my voice. Thankyou for letting me know it’s appreciated. It’s encouraging.

  3. Dude… rapes are used for power. Im not sure if this is the answer to that, but I like that you came up with SOME kind of idea.


  4. Of course it’s not the answer. But it’s something.

  5. This is very odd… I am actually right now working with a very large and well-known electronics company on how they can work with others to dea with this conflict. It’s tough for them because they have no control over the mining and no real alternative is available. But I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully we can get something off the ground that brings everyone who can play a constructive role together and do something like what they did in the diamond industry or cocoa industry. I don’t want to mention the company right now but if anyone can pull it off then they can. Pray this works…

  6. Way to go, AA!

  7. Here you can read a summary of the electronic companies’ most common responses to this:

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