§336 Gunnar Hökmark

April 17, 2009

Recently received mail from Swedish authorities with information and material to vote through mail for the European Parliament. There are elections in June and I didn’t even know. How come this huge parliament of the EU has elections that go almost unnoticed? Anyway, Gunnar Hökmark is the guy I’m voting for as my representant. He also happens to be the chairman of European Friends of Israel.



  1. Oh man… The EU. I had the “pleasure” to work with the European Commission back in 2002-2004. It was a life draining and soul destroying experience. Please make sure that the guy you vote for actually takes a position! On anything! I could not get them to acknowledge that the doors had handles on it. More neutral than the Swiss. And less of a sense of humor as well…

  2. I started following him on twitter. He is pretty active, he takes position on everything, he is the head of the delegation to Israel, he is the vice chairman of the EPP-ED and number one on the Swedish conservative party’s list for the EU elections.

  3. Actually, on that link, you can easily follow all of his activity in the EU parliament. Everything that parliament does is carefully documented in 23 languages and published on their web site. Quite amazing actually.

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