§342 Days off and on

May 4, 2009

Our dear dear friend Ida from Sweden came this past Tuesday to visit us. Wednesday I was home for Independence Day and I took Thursday off. The weekend Friday-Shabbat, and I took Sunday off too. So 5 days off with family and friend. We had a great time together. On Thursday we took the kids to the local pool. They’ve never been there before. The kiddie pool was too cold, so we just took one child each and switched between us from time to time playing with them in the water, holding them on our arms. The older ones would sit on your back as you swam to the deeper parts of the pool. Our three yeard old acted like a dolphin. We had a wonderful time together. On Sunday my wife and Ida went to Jerusalem and left me at home with the kids. My wife got sick (my tonsillitis) and fell exhausted into bed when she came home, so I had the entire day with the kids. Once they were in bed my wife woke up and we celebrated together the fact that I had handed in my latest paper to the university and took a day off from studies. Ida had already left to another part of Israel where she will be at some conference this week. So today till Thursday I’m working, and then Ida is back and I take Sunday-Monday off. On Monday we rent a car and go to Kibbuts Kaliah and let the kids ride horses. Hurray for a working place that gives you days off when you need them.

My university teachers are striking, but my test on May 14th will still happen – it will just not be checked until the teachers are back. So this strike gave me a good opportunity to forget about my regular studies and focus on the upcoming test. I hope the teachers get their demands through. The management of the university is hiring them with conditions reminding me of factories in the 19th century. Open University teacher’s union – I’m behind you.

Another day I will blog about Capitalism vrs Socialism (or, as americans prefer to say – Conservatism vrs Liberalism. This is because “Socialism” is a curse in the States).

I was planning to write something more insightful and more “sermon-like” about Passover. But I guess it’s too late now, right…?

I will preach this coming shabbat and I haven’t yet decided what to preach about. Maybe this time I will actually take the time to blog my sermon? We’ll see. No promises.



  1. Please do blog about Capitalism vrs Socialism. I’d love to read your take on it.

  2. I’ll try to find the time… =)

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