§345 Peace initiative…?

May 6, 2009

This Jerusalem Post article bothers me.



Not because of the initiative itself. The problem is that a bunch of arab dictator countries and a bunch of western democratic countries are sitting around a table trying to decide what to dictate to the democraticly elected israeli government, without involving my government in the discussions. Will Netanyahu receive a final “peace initiative” draft from Obama and a “Take it or leave it”-approach?

The peace initiative is basically “Israel, put your head in the guillotine, and the arab countries will be your friends as long as you let them hold the rope. They will be your friends, why would they let go of the rope?”

I am so happy that all this is happening with a strong national government that can defend us against foreign pressure and stand up against attempts to dictating us. I can only imagine what would have happened if we had had Tsippi Livni now. *shrug* She would say “yesyesyes”, and in an instance there’s a Palestinian state, an Israel disarmed of nuclear arms, and a nuclear Iran supplying the Palestinians with all they need to crush Israel.

Thankyou, oh dear western Lords, but you are no longer our colonial masters. And, to be quite frank, we are not very found of the idea to put our head in the guillotine and hope that our “ex-enemy” that holds the rope turned into a care-bear overnight.



  1. I have been following this blog for some time. There are things that I love reading here, but there are also things that worry me. I am usually scared of ‘all or nothing approach’ – it leaves no space for negotiations, and I think this is wrong. Then again, I have not lived in Israel, and I do not understand the situation there very well. I just wished that we could all live in a place where we are friendlier to each other… Will you help me understand?


  2. I am sorry if it came out as an “all or nothing” approach. That was not my intention. What bothers me with the peace initiative is the fact that things that are crucial to my future are being decided, and my representatives, my elected leaders, were not involved in the process.

    The problem is that Israel has been accepting and saying yes to so many road plans and compromises so far (last time in Camp David 2000, Barak offered 97% of the areas that the palestinians claim), but the palestinian leadership has always had an “all or nothing” approach which has left them with nothing. Their demands hasn’t changed an inch since 1948.

    Netanyahu wrote very wisely in his election manifest that so far no palestinian leader has ever been ready to compromise on the minimum requirements of any responsible israeli leader. Therefore, no long-term solution is in sight at the moment. What we as israelis can do in the meanwhile is investing in palestinian infrastructure in order to promote economic growth in the territories. Economic growth and better lives for the palestinians will eventually lead to an athmosphere that is more leaning towards peace and compromises.

    Netanyahu is ready for any needed compromises, as long as it is realistic (it is for example unrealistic to think that an independent palestinian state with its own army will not make nuclear pacts with Iran, and it is unrealistic that evacuation of 30,000-inhabitant settlements will go smoothly and pain free) and doesn’t put israeli national security in danger (as division of Jerusalem would do – it would become a point of friction and battles in a high populated area).

    There are no easy solutions. It will be interesting if Obama and Bibbi can come up with interesting long term realistic solutions. So far all diplomatic tries have only worsened the situation.

  3. Thanks a lot for this explanation. I need to admit that what you guys need to solve is not easy, and won’t be easy… I would probably need some more reading to do, before understanding it better.

    In any case, I like your blog, and enjoy coming here. I have been here regularly for a month now.

    Best regards, and please have a good day – Greetings to the family as well,


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