§348 Do I have a clone…?

June 5, 2009

Clone? Unknown twin brother? It’s definitelly not me… unless I’ve been unfaithful and then had amnesia.

I don’t mind that much that someone that really looks like me shows up in an illustrational photographs for a newspaper article.

But does he have to show up hugging a woman in an illustration to an article on “sex after birth” on a parenting web site that my wife reads???

I promise, honey! It’s not me!!

The photo:

In it’s original context here. Left column, scroll down.

Photo of me, taken today (I’m wearing that shirt just to tease my wife…)

Oh, well, moving on with my life…

Question of the day: Which is the oldest book that is not a Bible, that you have in your shelves (that is earliest written, time of printing not important). My answer: “Complete works of Josephus”.

Word of the day: Schadenfreude.

Myth killer of the day: Mozart did NOT write the melody to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.


One comment

  1. It’s been a while since i was here, maybe it is your dubbelgånger think that is what is it called in Swedish! they say eveyrone has a dubbelgånger..

    It’s always pleasure to visit your blogg.

    שיהיה לכם שבת נפלאה

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