§349 EU elections

June 8, 2009

So, the elections of the EU is over. They are counting the votes. Sadly, only 43.09% used their democratic right this time. I’m not saying that voting is an obligation, but it’s a pretty fierce spit in the face of the oppressed peoples in dictatorships that could only dream of the possibility to vote.

I am happy with the results, though. The result so far shows 267 out of 736 seats for the conservative EPP-ED group, which makes it the biggest party group in the parliament. I don’t know about the other countries, but in Sweden a big part of the debate has been between the ruling Moderate party, which is part of the EPP-ED group, and the Social Democrats that are part of the PES group (Socialist parties) about the role of the EU. The socialists want EU to rule over the independence of the member nations and decide things and laws regarding minimum wages, taxes etc. This is of course utterly stupid, especially for a small country like Sweden. It just makes it easy for others countries to decide things for Sweden. The Moderats are of course against this. The moderats, on the other hand, do want to see a common EU foreign relation policy and a common EU army, instead of letting each country have its own. The socialists are against this. They don’t want to be the big international power that the EU could be. They apparently prefer to just stand and watch as China and Russia takes over the world, now when the US is on its way down. A strong international EU can keep promoting democracy, and can send peace keeping forces to Darfur and Congo. Many small European nations can’t. The socialists don’t want this. I think it’s their pacifist thinking, believing that by not defending yourself and others you are promoting peace. That’s stupid. Again.

So the socialists don’t want a unified EU on the international stage, but they do want the EU to rule over the member nations. The moderats want the opposite. A unified EU outwards, but with individual independence for each member country. Similar to the US, but a much higher level of independence to the member states.

One thing does scare me though – a unified and strong EU, with the growing muslim majority in it… in another 50 years or so it could be a horrible horrible threat to Israel…



  1. I find politics so interesting, and I love learning about politics in other countries. From your post, I’m guessing you were for the conservative party? I’ve been to your lovely country once, and well, loved it. Don’t tell my Norwegian friends though. 😉

  2. I was for the conservative party. Mostly because I like their top candidate, Gunnar Hökmark. I follow his blog and usually agree to everything he says. Most importantly he is pro-Israel which is an important condition for getting my vote. Generally all European (and especially Swedish) left-wings are anti-Israel. Besides, the Swedish conservatives are still more socialistic than the Israeli socialists…

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