§350 I can’t blog anymore

June 19, 2009

After Julky 13th I will start my summer “vacation” and have more time.

Until then, there will be no more blogs.

Not because there is no five short minutes to write once in a while. But becuase my computer requires 10 minutes to upload one wordpress page. And I write without seeing what I write on screen and it appears only 10 minutes later. I’m too lazy to fix my spelling mistaks under those circumstances.

I hate this.

SOmetimes it even publishes itself when I’m in the kddle of wriitng without asking me, and then I…



  1. Han som fixade datorn en gång i tiden kan ju bli lite stött i kanten……..

  2. Det är inte hans fel att han fixade datorn för sex år sen…

  3. Ha! That’s a crazy thing going on with your computer. i hope it gets better soon.

  4. It takes a lot to get a six years old computer to get any better… 😉

  5. Yeah. I’m thinking of bringing my work laptop with me home just to be able to blog better. But I’ll do that in the summer, after July 13th.

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