About this blog

The idea of this blog is to write just any nonsense that comes to my head.

I had been blogging for over a year in Lunarstorm.se where I wrote my first 145 posts, and then I decided to move my blogging here. On Lunarstorm it was only viewable by registered members, and it was in Swedish. In December 2007 I decided it was time to go global and blog in the international lingua franca. It’s still English. We’ll see if it stays that way, or if I’ll have to switch language somewhere along the way.

One of the reasons is my Israeli friends who have up until now not been able to follow my blog. In fact, I’m not sure anyone knew I had one. Anyway, here it is now. No Hebrew, no Swedish. All English so both of my worlds can read it.

I will basically write about my boring everyday life, sometimes spiced with stupid anecdotes or despicable ideas. It’s also a good way to keep in touch with friends and family, especially the ones living far away. It’ll save me the hassle of actually keeping in touch with people. “If you don’t read my blog and don’t know what’s up with me, then you don’t love me enough!”.

This is a personal blog and not a family album. Photos of the children, family events etc. are published for friends and family on my wife’s blog. It’s password protected and it’s in Swedish. You have a link over there to the right under “Familjen Grubblare”.

When I do not write random yadda-yadda about my everyday life I may write ideas and stuff that make people mad. If I make you mad please remember that, yes, I may make fun of people, I may generalise and I may be intolerant. That’s the whole idea with the blog. Being human and being myself. The point of the blog is not to be tolerant or balanced. I do not claim to be the light of the world nor do I claim ownership of The Ultimate Truth. I’m not trying to change world history (at least not by blogging), and I’m not writing a doctorate. I just like to write ideas I get sometime.

Since I am a settler in the West Bank I will and might write about the situation and he ongoing conflict. When you comment posts like that (and any other post for that matter) please note:

  • Blog comments that do not respect me and/or include bad language will not be tolerated
  • There’s no guarantee I will answer your comment, whether you post a support or a condemnation comment
  • I am very busy and will not be able to write long answers. If you have a twenty-five point comment, please post. But I might not answer. That doesn’t mean “you won”.
  • I will not erase criticism (unless they violate point 1), but I might not answer, or answer very shorty. This doesnt mean you won. It only means that I didn’t want the fact that I can’t answer long answers to prevent me from writing this.


My personal views in this touchy subject can be summed up with the following:

  • There’s no easy solutions
  • No one should be forced to leave one’s home
  • A two-state solution is no solution, just another problem
  • Sitting around doing nothing won’t lead anywhere
  • Never ever compromise with terrorists and never give in to their demands
  • Israel belongs to the jewish people. Always have, always will.
  • Jerusalem is our eternal undivided capital
  • Human rights, mutual respect, dignity and ubuntu for everyone, jews, arabs, israelis, palestinians, muslems, christians. We are all created in God’s image and we are all created equal.
  • All israelis must accept that the concept “palestinian” exists as must all palestinians accept that the concept “israeli” exists.  

One comment

  1. Hey dude,
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Yours is quite interesting! I’ll be sure to check back in. I started on blogger because I was just trying it out and wasn’t sure I could keep it up. Once I realized I could, I decided I liked wordpress better, so that is the one I’m sticking with. The other is being phased out. Shalom!

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