About me

Hello! Have you made any coffe today?

I was born at a very young age in 1982. Today I usually sit in my own little office all day and do accounting and project management. When I don’t work I nibble on my wife’s ear, build lego with the kids or read children’s books in Swedish like “Max Lampa”. Wonderful entertainment.

Once I really wanted to be a historian, or a bible scholar or something interesting like that. But then I decided to study economy instead. It’s also interesting and I thought it will be a lot easier to find a well paid job, enabling me to hug the wife and kids more often. I was right. I finally found the perfect job, being accounting and projects manager at a bible related company. It’s Economy, it’s accounting, but it’s also the Bible, so it’s a great combination of both my passions.

By the way, don’t forget to google “Kuntillet Ajrud”

Coffe is God’s gift to humanity. Amen!

My title is father and the miracles’ names are Efraim born 2004, Emunah born 2005, and Talitha born 2007.
I read in a book (Jeremiah chapter 31) that “Efraim is my first born” so that’s what we did! Emunah means “faith” in Hebrew and Talitha means “little girl” in Arameic (that word is also part of a quote from a famous rabbi).

I grew up in Sweden. I live in Israel. Our kids speak both languages. My grandpa is the coolest guy ever. I have hairy legs and weird toes. I need a weekly alarm on my cell phone to remind me to cut my nails. I have written in my resume that I play the clarinet even if it was eight years ago. Languages is a drug and I’m hooked. My wife doesn’t understand why I want to learn dead languages like Akkadian and Sumerian. I got married when I was 20 and had my first child when I was 22. I can neither play guitar nor nose flute.



  1. Wow, just had a look at your blog. Im glad I did. You lead a very different life to mine and I have to say that I am really excited to make your acquaintance.

    I am struck with your sense of humor and intelligence. I will make sure I comment lots!


  2. Såg din kommentar på Englunds blogg.

    Såklart fick du använda mitt “citat”.

    Kaffe ÄR Guds gåva.

    Ha en bra helg

    Jenny Maria

  3. Tack! =) Bra helg till dig också!

  4. nice blogsite and i love your header.you have so beautiful little angels and they so cute…

  5. looks like you have all that you want!
    was looking for info on Janus to start a yearly review program in my little organisation in India.
    How do you write “God Bless Our Home with Peace” in Jewish, (mail me, pls when you can)Hebrew? want to have it as a wall hanging in my home.
    You have some big trouble with religious fundamentals, we had one, deep in our city, a Rabi and family was sacrificed with many many innocent lives…..I heard the 1970 song, good meaningful lyrics.

    Cheers and catch you again.

  6. Hej!

    What a lekker (a little Afrikaans for you there) thing to stumble upon your blog today from my Cape Town office with a Portuguese coffee on my desk and realize:

    1. I like your writing
    2. You seem to have your head right
    2. We are born the same year, in the same country
    3. I should work instead of writing this comment

    I will have a look at some of your 279 blog posts later.


  7. Hello. My name is Vicky Collins. I’m a television producer in Denver, Colorado doing research for a story on conflict and cooperation in the mideast for HDNet’s World Report. Looking for someone to talk to in Ma’aleh Adumim. Might you be interested in chatting? I blog on WordPress too. http://vickycollinsonline.com. If you go to my blog you can get my phone number, email address etc. Are you available this week? Best, Vicky

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