§351 Light of the World

June 19, 2009

I just wrote this. Will use it in Shabbat school class tomorrow.


Teddybear – Yo, kids, wassup? Today we’re talking about skin. Did you know that Yeshua is the skin of the world? I’m wearing my cool skin jacket for the occasion. Yeshua also told us that we need to show God’s skin to the rest of the world. Paul said that in the past we were in darkness, but now we are skin in the Lord, so we should walk as children of skin. Hey, duck! How does one walk as a child of skin? That sounds a bit weird.


Duck – Skin?? What are you talking about?


Teddybear – Well, you said that this lesson would be about Yeshua, the skin of the world, and that we need to be children of skin, so I’m wearing my skin jacket. But I’m not sure I quite get it.


Duck –Bear, can you spell “skin” in Hebrew?


Teddybear – Sure, it’s “or” – ayin-vav-reysh. And we said that Yeshua is “Or ha’olam” – the skin of the world. And you kept talking about that skin.


Duck – Ok, now read Ephesians 5:8 and see how they spell “or”.


Teddybear – Ok, let’s see… “be’avar hayitem choshech, ach achshav atem or ba’Adon” – but the or is spelled alef-vav-reysh. Hey… it’s not the same word! It’s not skin!


Duck – No, it’s not. It’s Light. Or spelled with an alef means light. Yeshua is the light of the world. Yeshua also told us that we need to show God’s light to the rest of the world. Paul said that in the past we were in darkness, but now we are light in the Lord, so we should walk as children of light.


Teddybear – Oooooh…. what an embarrassing mistake. But that does make sense! If Yeshua is the light, and we should be children of the light, then we can definitely call him Abba, just as he said. That’s pretty awesome. But how are we supposed to be his light? I only get bright light bulbs above my head when I have good ideas.


Duck – By doing good deeds. Our deeds are God’s light, and they show the world that we are the children of God.


Teddybear – I thought we were saved through grace, not deeds.


Duck – We are, but the grace makes us become God’s children, and if we are God’s children we will want to walk in his light – which is doing good deeds. I did a very good deed today. I made my grandma really happy. I came home to her house and jumped around and quacked and made a total mess.


Teddybear – How did that make her happy?


Duck – She was very very happy when I left. See? That’s what good deeds are all about! Being God’s light by jumping around making a mess.


Teddybear – Uhm… Duck… I think you’re the one missing the point this time. I think the point of being God’s light is letting people see our good deeds through our behavior. Your behavior was not one with a lot of God’s light in it…


Duck – What? Oh, man. So now what do I do?


Teddybear – You could apologize to her.


Duck – I guess… It’s just that I hate apologizing. It makes me feel so stupid. It’s like… you know… telling people about the wrong stuff I did and asking for them to forgive me… they get to know all the bad things about me. It’s like there’s a spotlight on me.


Teddybear – Exactly! Light on you! That’s what God wants you to do! He wants you to be his light, and then you also need to be able to have light shine upon you and expose everything. Once you get into the habit of walking in God’s light all the time, and apologizing for every mistake you make, you will truly be in the light all the time!


Duck – Hey, that’s cool. Let’s go for it! So, you say from now on we need to walk in light all the time and only do good deeds.


Teddybear – Yes!


Duck – Ok, let’s do it… hang on… is it physically possible to always always do good things??


Teddybear – Let’s ask the kids – what do you think?


(Improvise for a while based on kids answers, and then continue)


Teddybear – Hey! You know what! I think it is possible! You know why? Come outside, I’ll show you something!


Duck – Not another green painted clay giraffe you made and put out in the garden to dry!


Teddybear – No, not that. I’ll show you that another time. There – see the moon? There’s a mouse on it…. what? a mouse..??


Duck – What are you talking about? There’s no mouse on it… OH WOW! There IS a mouse sitting on the moon! How did he get there?


Teddybear – You think we can ask him to come down here? Hey! Mouse! Can you hear us? Come here for a while!


Mouse – Okay! *flying slowly down* Wassup?


Duck – Gaaah!!!??? How???!! What???!! When???!! That’s not physically possible to do what you just did! How could you hear us from all the way up there, how did you get here so fast, and how were you able to breathe up there and in space, and how did you enter the atmosphere without burning up?


Mouse – Uhm… I don’t know. I was just lucky I guess. I tried to flap my ears for a while and saw that I could fly. And then I thought I’d fly up and taste that delicious cheese up in the air that I’ve seen for so long. But that was a disappointment. It’s just a huge piece of rock hanging up there in the sky. I think it’s circulating around earth or something.


Duck – Uhm… yeah… people have been able to fly there since 1969…


Mouse – So why did my visit there surprise you so much?


Duck – What? Because… because…. Gaaah! It was a billion dollar project and took ages of research to get there and all you did was flapping your ears…. it’s so silly it sounds like it’s made up by some stupid puppet show author!


Teddybear – Hey, Mouse. While Duck here calms down, tell me. From where does that light that we see come? Why is the moon so bright? How can it be so bright when it’s just a piece of rock?


Mouse – I don’t know… I thought of that when I was up there. But once I got there I couldn’t see any light at all. I could see the sun shining on me there. But the moon itself wasn’t. It was just a piece of rock.


Teddybear – So the moon shines despite being nothing but a piece of rocks. Do you see where this is heading, Duck?


Duck – Yeah, definitely. The moon is a big fat fake. It pretends to shine and it pretends to be cheese. It’s time to get rid of it. Let’s shoot it down *takes out a shotgun*


Teddybear – Nonono. Come on, Duck, what’s the matter with you? How come all of a sudden I’m teaching you? Don’t you get it? Don’t you get what I wanted to show you? The moon shines on us because the sun shines on the moon!


Duck – Ok, so…?


Teddybear – So…? We are nothing in ourselves, just like that piece of rock. But if only God shines his light on us, then we can show his light to others. Just like the moon can shine the sun’s light on us when it’s dark and night, even when the sun’s not up.


Mouse – Hey, you know what! That’s pretty cool! So we need to be moons for God, then?


Teddybear – Yup. Shine his light on others. And it’s not physically possible to do that without actually having God’s light shine upon us, right? So we need God’s help all the time! Otherwise it gets really really difficult.


Duck – Ok, let’s try this. Kids, stand up. Up on your legs. Up! Up! Now all of you stand on one leg. Is it steady? Not very steady, is it? Now say after me “On my own it’s very difficult…”


*kids repeating*


“..but I can do it…”


*kids repeating*


“…with Gods help!” (Second foot goes in the ground and body becomes steady at the word “God”. While standing on one feet during this you might want to let the puppet wiggle a little extra. If this is impossible to do with a puppet, use a human being, like yourself for example)


*kids repeating*


Duck – Alright. Now one more time *repeat again* Great! Now. During this coming week: Do you think you can live in light all the time? Not by your own strength, but with God. Try it this week, and continue for a little while… not for long, only, like, the rest of your life or so. Walk in God’s light. Be a witness to others about God’s light. And whenever you do a mistake – admit it immediately and apologize. Is that a deal?


§350 I can’t blog anymore

June 19, 2009

After Julky 13th I will start my summer “vacation” and have more time.

Until then, there will be no more blogs.

Not because there is no five short minutes to write once in a while. But becuase my computer requires 10 minutes to upload one wordpress page. And I write without seeing what I write on screen and it appears only 10 minutes later. I’m too lazy to fix my spelling mistaks under those circumstances.

I hate this.

SOmetimes it even publishes itself when I’m in the kddle of wriitng without asking me, and then I…


§349 EU elections

June 8, 2009

So, the elections of the EU is over. They are counting the votes. Sadly, only 43.09% used their democratic right this time. I’m not saying that voting is an obligation, but it’s a pretty fierce spit in the face of the oppressed peoples in dictatorships that could only dream of the possibility to vote.

I am happy with the results, though. The result so far shows 267 out of 736 seats for the conservative EPP-ED group, which makes it the biggest party group in the parliament. I don’t know about the other countries, but in Sweden a big part of the debate has been between the ruling Moderate party, which is part of the EPP-ED group, and the Social Democrats that are part of the PES group (Socialist parties) about the role of the EU. The socialists want EU to rule over the independence of the member nations and decide things and laws regarding minimum wages, taxes etc. This is of course utterly stupid, especially for a small country like Sweden. It just makes it easy for others countries to decide things for Sweden. The Moderats are of course against this. The moderats, on the other hand, do want to see a common EU foreign relation policy and a common EU army, instead of letting each country have its own. The socialists are against this. They don’t want to be the big international power that the EU could be. They apparently prefer to just stand and watch as China and Russia takes over the world, now when the US is on its way down. A strong international EU can keep promoting democracy, and can send peace keeping forces to Darfur and Congo. Many small European nations can’t. The socialists don’t want this. I think it’s their pacifist thinking, believing that by not defending yourself and others you are promoting peace. That’s stupid. Again.

So the socialists don’t want a unified EU on the international stage, but they do want the EU to rule over the member nations. The moderats want the opposite. A unified EU outwards, but with individual independence for each member country. Similar to the US, but a much higher level of independence to the member states.

One thing does scare me though – a unified and strong EU, with the growing muslim majority in it… in another 50 years or so it could be a horrible horrible threat to Israel…


§348 Do I have a clone…?

June 5, 2009

Clone? Unknown twin brother? It’s definitelly not me… unless I’ve been unfaithful and then had amnesia.

I don’t mind that much that someone that really looks like me shows up in an illustrational photographs for a newspaper article.

But does he have to show up hugging a woman in an illustration to an article on “sex after birth” on a parenting web site that my wife reads???

I promise, honey! It’s not me!!

The photo:

In it’s original context here. Left column, scroll down.

Photo of me, taken today (I’m wearing that shirt just to tease my wife…)

Oh, well, moving on with my life…

Question of the day: Which is the oldest book that is not a Bible, that you have in your shelves (that is earliest written, time of printing not important). My answer: “Complete works of Josephus”.

Word of the day: Schadenfreude.

Myth killer of the day: Mozart did NOT write the melody to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.


§347 Efficient relaxation

May 22, 2009

I’ve always had a problem with procrastination. Just postponing things into the undefinite until the pile of things I have to do gets so super huge I am feeling crushed under the pressure. And when I feel pressure, and the tasks are too large, I procrastinate even more, which of course only worsens the problem. This has been disturbing my work, home, etc for too long. A few days ago I decided to start with the “Do It Now!” principle.

Instead of feeling pressured by the enourmosity of the task, I think only of the first thing needed to be done. One thing at a time. In surprisingly short time it’s done. The most beautiful thing is that the free time I created for myself by procrastinating in the past was only filled with agony of what needs to be done. Now, when I do what needs to be done efficiently, the relaxation time is also much more fulfilling and relaxing and… efficient. It’s efficient relaxation!

Plus both my wife and kids and my boss are much happier with my performance. Those tasks that I thought of as disturbing my happiness when I was procrastinating turned out to be exactly what I needed to do in order to be happy. At work I finished enetring all financial transaction of an entire month in a matter of days. At home I get the house vaacum cleaned and floor scrubbed and bathrooms cleaned on Friday mornings before 12:00 and have the rest of the day to spend with the kids until Shabbat kicks in (and keep them away from wife’s cooking).

However, being this responsible makes me neglect my RSS and my blog. And my facebook. Anyone who has sent me comments and messages etc has probably not been answered the last few weeks. Live with it. I am happy now, and that’s what counts.

A small update on my studies (skip if you’re not interested): On Thursdays I always have a double study day. The professional accounting class that my work pays for that is on work time in the morning, and the evening university class in managerial accounting and pricing (the teacher strike goes on, but my teacher is a strike breaker). Now it turns out that not only are the classes on the same day, but the tests will be on the same day too. July 13th. One test at 9:00 AM and one at 16:00. But once that is done I will start my summer vacation. The other university class is financial management of business firms, test on July 8th.

Ok, time to go. The kids want to go to the playground while their mother is cooking.

Tip of the day: Change your underwear from time to time
Question of the day: How old were you when you learned how to swim?
Word of the day: Pchat and Hafchata. Hebrew for Depreciation and Ammortization. Both the same thing. Only one is for fixed assets and the other is for fixed intangible assets.


§346 A bunch of stuff I wanted to say

May 14, 2009

My thoughts and ideas are just jumping around back and forth in my head right now. I can’t really get them organized. Some of the things I wanted to tell you are (in no particular order):

1) I’m done with the Macroeconomics test! I was really afraid of this one. Thought I wouldn’t make it, that they would ask stuff I wouldn’t be able to answer. The questions were surprisingly easy. Test is done.

2) The rest of the university studies are non-existent until the teachers have finished their strike.

3) This last Monday was crazy. I will write more about that another time. Do they close the streets in Rome too every time the Pope moves an inch, or is that just happening in Jerusalem? Just wondering…

4) I’ve felt weird and dizzy today. Could it be because I’ve drunk gallons of coffee to stay focused during the test, haven’t had a normal meal during the day because I’ve been eating sandwiches from my bag, and because I’ve been sleeping only 5 hours a night the past week…?

5) I hereby announce that I will be taking a coffee-free week. Just to see if I can, and to get the poison out of my system for a while.

6) I have the best wife in the world

7) I have the cutest kids in the world

 8) My wife and kids deserve to be higher on the list, even if there’s no particular order.


I’m going to sleep now. Good night.


§345 Peace initiative…?

May 6, 2009

This Jerusalem Post article bothers me.



Not because of the initiative itself. The problem is that a bunch of arab dictator countries and a bunch of western democratic countries are sitting around a table trying to decide what to dictate to the democraticly elected israeli government, without involving my government in the discussions. Will Netanyahu receive a final “peace initiative” draft from Obama and a “Take it or leave it”-approach?

The peace initiative is basically “Israel, put your head in the guillotine, and the arab countries will be your friends as long as you let them hold the rope. They will be your friends, why would they let go of the rope?”

I am so happy that all this is happening with a strong national government that can defend us against foreign pressure and stand up against attempts to dictating us. I can only imagine what would have happened if we had had Tsippi Livni now. *shrug* She would say “yesyesyes”, and in an instance there’s a Palestinian state, an Israel disarmed of nuclear arms, and a nuclear Iran supplying the Palestinians with all they need to crush Israel.

Thankyou, oh dear western Lords, but you are no longer our colonial masters. And, to be quite frank, we are not very found of the idea to put our head in the guillotine and hope that our “ex-enemy” that holds the rope turned into a care-bear overnight.