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§300 I’m back and I’m free

February 26, 2009

I know, it’s the third time I use that title. It just fits well. I never have time to blog when I’m in the middle of all exams, and then the first blog post when I’m done with the exams, is just… that. So, a few updates. Let’s start with the personal ones regarding the studies. If you remember, back in September when the semester started I wrote down the breakdown of the three classes I’m taking:

1. Price Theory A
Unit 1-2 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 3-4 Theory of the Consumer
Unit 5 Theory of the Consumer – Applications

2. Macroeconomy B
Unit 6-7 Inflation
Unit 8 The open market – basics of the theory
Unit 9 Currency transactions in the open market
Unit 10-11 Asset transactions in the open market
Unit 12 Economic growth

3. Principles of Financial Accounting and Reporting: Theoretical and Practical Aspects for Management
Unit 1 The theoretical foundations of financial accounting and reporting
Unit 2 Income measurements and reporting in the financial statements
Unit 3 The balance sheet: Statement of financial position
Unit 4 The accounting process for preparing the financial statements
Unit 5 Current assets: Cash, receivables and short term investments in securities
Unit 6 Current assets: Inventory
Unit 7 Plant and intangible assets
Unit 8 Liabilities
Unit 9 Stockholders’ equity
Unit 10 The statement of cash flows
Unit 11 Financial statements adjustment for changing prices
Unit 12 I Long term investments in equity services
            II Introduction to analysis of financial statements

If we start from the top: the Consumer Theory was a very detailed and advanced math class. It included indifference curves (multi-variable functions), and budget restrictions, finding the consumer demand curve related to price, income (Engel curve), and price of other products. Curve elasticity, Marginal Rate of Substitution, Effect of substitution and of income according to Hicks and Slutsky, DRP relations, Consumtion over time (investing or loaning), and inflation effects, Labor supply, etc, etc…
(Wow, there’s really everything on wikipedia – please remind me not to do this with the two other classes… I’ll be stuck in front of the computer forever).

In this class I had recorded online lessons. I heard them, I understood, I wrote it down, I forgot. Three days ago I started study (after I had finished the exam on the 23rd in accounting). We were allowed one A4 page written on both sides, so while I studied I wrote in Times New Roman size 8 all over the page (used tables to fill out every single little space) while also re-learning it all (wasn’t too hard, I just needed to be reminded of it all). The test was done today. A few difficult questions, for some reason they really loved to hit us with half-linear and concave indifference curves.

The accounting. Now that was fun. I already study a professional accounting class for work (exam in July) and work with it. What this had to offer was first of all a wider view of the profficiency, an idea of the work of the auditor and the different rules that are applied. However, the book still teaches mostly according to FASB principles, and Israel started to work with IFRS standards from the beginning of 2008. Large portions of the books were ditched, and a lot of additional material was made available on the web site. Unit 11 wasn’t taught at all (I guess that would only go in times of inflation). That test I did this past Monday. Same A4 paper thing there, but I was more prepared since I know this subject from other sources (but many things are unique for this class to me – like stocks and bonds and options etc… my job doesn’t deal with that nor have we learned it in the regular accounting class yet). One question that made me laugh was when we were asked to handle R&D costs for developing a medicine “for stress relief with accountants because of the change to the new IFRS standard”. Hah!

The macro-economy. Nothing. I’ve handed in all papers I need to, but I’ve enlisted to do the test in May. It was just too much with 3 classes at once. I had to survive somehow.

Future: Do a test in English in the end of March to prove that I speak English (do I?) and start the two (only two!) classes I’m taking this spring. Introduction to Financing, and Introduction to Management Accounting and Pricing. I need both these and the English exam to be accepted to the advanced class I intend to take after the summer. Analysis of Financial Reports. Only one class. It’s the first time I’ll take an advanced one. And next spring I will not take any classes at all, because I’ll be working on a seminary essay in that.

Ok, enough bragging…

One other thing that made me postpone this post is that it’s number 300. It has to be something special! Has to! Right? It’s a little anniversary! My 300th blog post since I started in November 2006. Woho!

In work news we had a seminar about personal developement, and setting goals and time frames, and developing and evaluating progress etc etc. I ave around 10 goals to reach by the end of 2009. Some easy some really hard.

On the personal note…

Me and my wife discovered the game of scrabble. We have an old one from the 50’s that we inherited from my grandfather’s late wife. It’s fun (the scrabble, not the wife). Unfortunally I always loose (mostly) but never mind… now she has obtained the official letter count and letter score of Swedish scrabble just to be able to convert the language. Great. Guess who is better than who in Swedish…?

We have turtles! Through some contacts we have been able to get two small turtles who now live in our back yard. Their names are Skalman and Botvid. The kids love them.

From some time next week I will start to take care of my congregation’s accounting. This will be fun and easy. Not like at work… =) They’ve asked me earlier but I’ve demanded to finish my tests first.

On a more international news note, I’m glad to learn that all deadly conflicts in the world are solved. In the past there have been killings in Darfur, Uganda, Somalia, Sri Lanka, etc. But apparently that is all gone and the world has become overnight a place of care bears. The news apparently don’t even have anything to report about anymore, so they fill their sites with news about Obama family dog purchases, and Swedish princess Victoria’s engagement to a “commoner”. I am so happy to hear this. Now we just need to start an international soldier knitting contest, to keep the soldiers of the world busy with something useful until we have dismissed them all and disarmed all weapons.

And we will finish with a philosophical question: If an accountant makes journal entries in the middle of the woods, and no auditor is around to audit him. Does he still KICK ASS?

Now I need to get some dishes done and then fall asleep as soon as possible. I can barely stand straight anymore. I slept 2 hours last night and 3 hours the night before that. Sat up almost all night and studied for the test. Good night.

By the way, do a quick google or wikipedia search on Jean-Francois Champollion. Now there’s a pure genius!


§236 How I met my wife Part 1

October 5, 2008

You may have read it already on her blog from her point of view. Then you also know that finding a boyfriend was the last thing on her mind that day, April 23rd 2000, when we met the first time. I, on the other hand, was looking. I was really really looking for a girlfriend.

But not for her.

When I was 18 I knew for a fact I’d marry young. I don’t know how, I just knew it. It was actually simple math from three different factors:
1. I believed that God wanted good things for me.
2. I believed that one should wait with sex until after the wedding.
3. I was getting hornier by the minute. Now, where’s my wife?

At the time I lived in Ma’ale Adumim with my parents and siblings. We had lived in Israel since 1995 when we moved here from Sweden. Five years is a lot when you’re 18. I was an Israeli. My father had already worked a bunch of months in Eilat in tourism, and we had decided to move there so we could be a normal family again. The tourism future in Israel in general and Eilat specifically looked really promising in 2000…

I was in the middle of the process of changing schools. I only had one year left, but I had to change schools. It was now April, so there were still a few months left before the summer of the big move. I was also planning my first visit to Sweden since 1995. It was going to happen this summer. And there was that trip to France in August that I had won. It was now Passover break from school and we were in Eilat visiting my dad, enjoying the sun, snorkling, etc.

Then we discovered that the entire Swedish E family was there. We had bumped into them a few months ago. My mom knew the mom in that family from the 70s or something. The oldest kid was my age, the other two just a few years younger. All girls, all blondes, all pretty. I was great friends with all three of them. The oldest, “I”, was the Talker. Just like me. I could talk hours with her sometimes. There was a time they considered to move to Maale Adumim and let me live with them for a year so I could finish high school where I had started it. Never happened, they went back to Sweden that summer.


So the entire E family was there. And each one of the girls had brought a friend from Sweden. They asked me if I wanted to come snorkling with them. Go snorkling with 6 girls? Uhm… yes please! You’ll be wearing bikinis, right?

So I met these 3 girls I didn’t know from before. Well, at least they were not blondes. I really did prefer brunettes. One of them was a bit pretty, the other two not so much. One of them had a really high forehead, braces and glasses. A little cute, I guess, but not all that. If you didn’t get it yet, that one was my wife to be. She has later told me her hair was a mess that day after Dead Sea and flour cave. I didn’t notice that. But I’m a guy.

I brought my own snorkel. They all rented theirs. With fins. I had no fins. They swam a lot faster than me. Hehe. Great excuse to grab girls’ legs to “keep up”, or to drag myself forward.

When it was time to go home to Maale Adumim, the E family had 2 spare spaces in their van, so they gave me and my sister a lift. I happened to get the seat next to “I” and in front of that braces girl. Somehow we ended up talking. I don’t remember much now. I remember I said provoking things on purpose. The van was filled with people from northern Sweden and I was from southern, so I said some prejudices. I also recall I came with a few chauvinistic jokes, being the only guy in the van (except the E dad). Somehow the girl in front of me started to talk to me. I only saw her silhouette the entire ride. “I”, the well known Talker tried to say a few things, but didn’t manage to. We were talking too much. I remember that she impressed me. Most girls at my school barely knew how to touch a computer, and this girl had built a homepage using notepad! She also had the same weird humor as me. And she had had a boyfriend in the past, so she wasn’t a super conservative crazy christian either, which I was a little afraid of at first. And she was just as crazy as I was about languages.

So kept on talking and talking and talking. I was known as a talker, but talking that much 3 hours straight I’d never done before. I actually got a sore throat.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

When we stopped at the gas station to stretch our legs and go to the bathroom I took a look at her. The same braces, the same glasses. Taller than me. But didn’t she look a little cuter than she did before? Nah. She was just a good friend. No physical attraction. Which was good. I can’t be good friends with someone I am physically attracted too. I get too diverted.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

But this was definitally a friend for Life. Someone I could talk to about anything. We exchanged email addresses and ICQ numbers and kept in touch.

And we kept talking and talking and talking…

To be Continued



§179 Ma nishtana haLaila haze?

April 20, 2008

So finally I’ll publish some photos. This is from Pesach (Passover) yesterday evening. This was the first pessach that we celebrated only us together. Starting new family traditions is never an easy task. But since both me and Elisheva grew up with christmas celebrations, we can start from scratch and don’t come with our own baggage of how pesach “should be” because that’s how we grew up. Some other people need to have 2 different charosets to keep up with 2 different family traditions… =)

We started the pessach with letting Talitha have her meal, since there’s no chance she’ll ever make it through the entire haggadah. Letting her try to eat herself was no good idea though…

For you who know little or nothing about pessach, prepare for the below by reading or prepare to understand squat.

So here’s the pesach plate. Efraim made it at kindergarten.

Here we all are… Elisheva took the picture.

Here’s Elisheva with Talitha

Emunah is carefully listening to the Kadesh

Time for urchatz!

The Haggadah


Karpas was not that tasty…

Yachatz went quickly. Kids just had to close their eyes while we hid the afikoman. After weeks of practice they sang “Ma Nishtana” together really well. Now we’re finally at the end of the Magid, after long readings, singing of Dajenu, and dipping fingers for the ten plagues, and can drink from the second cup.

A quick Rachtsa and then there’s the eating! Motsi Matsa, Maror, Korech – Charoset is yummi. Maror not so much. Now it’s finally time for Shulchan Orech!

Halfway from the meal we saw that Talitha was drifting off. Better give her her present quickly before she falls asleep.

After the meal it’s time for Tsafun – they found the Afikoman! Yeay, presents!

Big kids now – They each got their very own cup.

Then there was of course Barech, Hallel and Nirtsa in the end. Happy pesach!

And now for something completely different. One week ago my parents and my two brothers came from Sweden. On Shabat, April 12th they came to Ma’ale Adumim to visit us together with my sister and her husband (then still boyfriend – it’s 2 days before the wedding).

Me, the kids, my mom and their presents: one dog each.

Wooden train

Emunah liked her new dog

Me, my three siblings and my three children. Left to right: Yossi, Taliah, Jonathan, me.

A mom and a dad added as well as two spouses on the floor.

Daughter Talitha, brother in law, Tal, and brother Yossi

Talitha with uncle Yossi

Since my birthday was only a month ago we pretended it was today, now that we were all here. My wife made a moose-warning-sign-cake (they have those in Sweden).

Of course I can cut the cake normally!

Nah, who am I kidding? Time to hunt down the Moose!

Siblings left after the cake. We took a walk to the playground with the kids and their grandparents. Here’s Efraim.

and Emunah

Me and my dad.

This is two days later – April 14th, the day of the wedding. I took the entire day off, so we took a walk in the morning to the shopping center.

And this is the day after the wedding. I’m at work, but my parents came by to meet their grandkids one more time before they went back to Sweden.

The photos of the wedding will be along sooner or later.


§172 Happy Purim!

March 22, 2008

So I went to congregation today looking like this. With only one exceptation, me and my wife were the only grown-ups who had costumes. Boring people. Elisheva (wife) was Pippi Longstocking, but she took it off before we got a chance to take a picture. Efraim was a rabbit, as he was at the kindergarten purim party three days ago. Emunah was a dog, but she kept taking it off and didn’t want it.

Yesterday evening we started to deal with that 1000-pieces puzzle I got for my birthday. (Swedish text on the photos because I stole them from my wife’s blog).

Many pieces… but we’re having fun together, eating mishloach manot and drinking coffee.

45 minutes past midnight – but we’re done with one half of it.